80+ reasons why I love Negima

A little while ago, I caught up with Negima after not reading it for…I can’t believe it, years. Ahh…the memories… Anyway, to commemorate the fact that I’ve fallen in love with the series for the second time now, I have this post! (I FINALLY, FINALLY have this post…after wordpress ate it 3 times)

Note: this will have more spoilers than what I usually have, so if you get spoiled, consider yourself warned. Also, wordpress hates screentones, so most of the images will look very, very odd.

1) Negi’s awesomeness:

He can sit down calmly for tea, kick the table up, go for a punch to Fate’s face, and then step back and catch the table with one finger without spilling any of the tea which was placed on said table. You know you all want to do that.

2) Negi’s love:

It’s unending and more powerful than anything else in the world. Won over the right hand girl of the arch nemesis? Check. Broke most of the natural laws with a kiss? Check. A record from the future containing the name of the person that he will marry is considered to be on the same level as a weapon of mass destruction? Check. Have one of the biggest harems in the history of fiction? Check.

He’s going to be a force of nature when he grows up.

3)Negi’s harem:

I stopped counting after the tenth girl developed feelings for him.

4) Negi’s love, expanded:

It’s so strong that it’s spread halfway across mars and back.

5) Ridiculous high school setting:

The school has magic. And a giant magical tree. Of course, like most manga, the school also contains ridiculous people. We have a ridiculously powerful shouta, a ghost, a magical knight, a girl with a mysterious scar, a magical princess, a nun, a robot, three cheerleaders, a kung-fu master, a magical tank, a mangaka, a half demon, an assassin, a martian from the future, a Chinese genius, an internet idol, an ojou-sama who lives like she’s richer than Bill Gates, a vampire, an ojou-sama, a restaurant owner, and a circus performer.

And that’s only in one class.

6) The background porn:

Nuff’ said.

7) The kickass shotas:

How can they look so cute and still stay so monstrously strong, I do not know. But they’re adorable. So much so that I want to use the word glomp again.

8) The mysterious shota:

We need to know more about him! The precious little that we’ve been shown of him is only a tease, I’m sure there’s something in his back story that’s going to be completely awesome.

9) The clothes:

The guy has a good fashion sense. I would actually buy and wear most of the normal (NORMAL, okay?) clothes that the girls wear.

10) Eva’s wardrobe:

It feels like she has an endless supply of gothic lolita outfits. And they all look fantastic.

11) Fate’s wardrobe:

I’ve noticed that there’s an odd trend in kidnapped girls: their captors dress them up in elaborate dresses that they’ll probably never wear if left to themselves. Off of the top of my head, I can remember the same thing happen in DNAngel, Sailor moon, and that new Alice in Wonderland movie (not a particularly good movie, but the costumes were good). So, does this mean that the captors (which were all guys for some reason) all have fetishes where they would buy/make dresses beforehand? I wonder…

The girls in Fate’s harem are all dressed nicely, with fitting and elegant capes (unlike the hideous thing that Nagi so insists on wearing). Did Fate get those for them too? I hope he wasn’t the one who chose Anya’s maid outfit. It’s the ugliest (or the most unfitting) maid outfit I’ve ever seen save for that first episode of Kiddy Girl and.

12) The dresses:

I love the blend of Japanese and western styles.

13) The costumes:

They always look good. Plus, for some reason, the outfits always look really simple, but refreshing at the same time. No two outfit looks similar, and considering Negima’s insane cast number, that’s an amazing thing to pull off.

14) The costume montages:

I’ll never understand. Well, I understand how the girls dress up and do a reveal like this. What I don’t understand is how they forced the reluctant girls into their costumes. And then they act surprised at the fact that they’re wearing it. Is that possible? I don’t know. But I’m enjoying the eye candy anyway.

15) The love tri-sq-pen-si-deca-I-give-up-let’s-just-call-it-a-web web:

There’s no picture that’s complicated enough to describe it.

16) The fact that each character gets their crowning moment of awesome:

There’s is something awe-worthy and amazing about every character. And no matter how powerful/amazing/ridiculous the new attack or action is, it doesn’t feel out of place. Unlike certain other series coughnarutocough where you get the feeling that a few of the kids who couldn’t even become chuunin was stronger than all the chuunin from all the villages combined, there is no jarring feeling in Negima. Yes, the rate at which people get power-ups is ridiculous, but it doesn’t feel out of place as you’re reading, and that’s all that matters.

17) The way that they foreshadow little things:

Believe it or not these imaginary costumes were actually worn later in the story. There’s other little things, such as how the girls were randomly guessing that Negi’s a prince. Well…a few hundred chapters later…yup, he’s a prince.

18) Crazy people:

Okay, Negima has lots of crazy people, but in my mind the most messed up is Negi. If you think about it, at that time, a four year old pretty much committed suicide just so he can see his father. That’s messed up.  And the methods he uses when he gets to the age of ten…

19) The three million things going around at the same time:

The story requires multiple readings to fully understand, but it’s incredibly well planned out.

20) The laughs:

Yes, the jokes are funny. But I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard as when I saw the zettai ryouiki on Negi’s arms.

21) The tears:

That flashback to Negi… I get a little teary just thinking about it.

22) The laughing after copious amounts of crying:

Self explanatory.

23) The heart warming hugs:

Aww… The above scene also cemented it as one of my favorite love triangles of all time.

24) The heart wrenching hugs:

A worse half hug has not been seen since Tsubasa. I cried.



26) Kotaro’s socks:

I’ve got a thing for striped socks now…they’re so cute…

27) Nagi:

He’s kickass. And a hell of a lot more likeable than certain other fathers in shounen manga (I don’t think I need to cough for this one, do I?)

28) Zazie’s friends:

They’re so creepy, yet so adorable at the same time…

29) Nodoka:

Going from one of the shyest and frankly weakest characters of all to one of the most kickass and dangerous. You go, girl! Unlike certain other shy girls in shounen manga, the more I read about her, the more I want to support her.

30) Haruna’s notebook:

Yes, with her magical notebook, she has created golems and shields and people. However, I maintain that Haruna’s greatest creation was Dark Nodoka. What’s really scary is how well it seems to fit Nodoka’s image…

As an Asian who cannot do the pencil spin. I am greatly jealous of her abilities. I will also praise Akamatsu-sensei’s ability to make me love a character with half a page and a few panels.

32) Natsumi’s relationship with Kotaro:

It’s SO cute. I love how Kotaro gets all flustered when Natsumi asks him how he feels about her. It’s only a matter of time before they get together and I go on a KYAAAAAA-ing rampage.


33) Eva:

Too awesome for words.

34) Eva on a broom:

It suits her so well!

35) Flustered Eva:


36) Evil Eva:

Everything’s better with a villain mode.

37) The floating ball:

Forget about everything else, I want that floating ball for Christmas. Okay, I admit it, I want that kitty cannon just a LITTLE bit more…

38) The kitty cannon:

Forget about diamonds, this is a girl’s best friend. What? You don’t think it’s useful?

A fleet of magical warships and the strongest dragon on Mars can’t stand up to that thing. And The kitty cannon wipes it out with a single blow. Just thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… I’m not too keen on Chachamaru’s outfit, but for the sake of mass destruction, it’s all good.

39) The floating bun shop:

This needs to be made into reality.

40) The trap:


41) The art evolution:

Chapter 1 versus chapter 250. There are only a few months of in-story time between them. I am shocked.

42) The pactio items:

Ranges from a book and pen that will make anything drawn in it become reality to a mind reading diary to a magical index that I actually like to a mahou shoujo hacking wand to a kitty satellite laser cannon to the legendary Chinese stick to every single weapon you can possible imagine.

Admit it, you want some of that. There’s a really nice list of pactios and their information here.

43) Chizu-nee’s evil mode:

I want to be like that when I grow up.

44) The training from hell:

Okay, it’s cute, it’s funny. That doesn’t make it particularly special. What I love about the training is that it doesn’t go on forever, where a character struggles for 20-30 chapters to master one move (you know what I’m talking about).

45) Konoka’s HOHOHO mode:

The scary part is that I can’t tell just how consciously she’s manipulating people.

46) That one random maid:

Even the nameless characters look great!

47) The kickass girls:

In Negima, there are some of the most powerful middle school girls ever written into fiction. So much so that you forget that they’re in grade 9. Grade NINE. But then again Negima is one of those series where you just have to suspend your sense of belief and enjoy the ride. Speaking of which…

48) The “seriously? This is happening? I can’t believe it but it’s still awesome” moments:

The in story characters have more suspension of disbelief moments than the readers. And I like that.

49) Loli Asuna:

I have no idea how old she is. That only adds to how entertaining she is.

50) Terminator Negi:

Words fail me.

51) Adult Negi:

Once again, absolutely delicious. Plus, he loses the glasses, which makes things much better (normally, I love and adore glasses, however Negi’s pince-nez wasn’t too flattering).

Also, for some reason, Negi’s personality seems much more natural in his adult body. It doesn’t feel so ridiculous for him to act so mature (until Chisame points out that he’s doing things that no 10 year old should understand, again).

52) Negi’s man moe

He’s so adorable, it’s no wonder everyone dots on him.

53) Yue:

The triangular relationship between her, Nodoka, and Negi is addicting to read about. And I have a soft spot for flat chested know-it-alls (Anzu-sama forever!).

54) Knight Yue:

Once again, adorable and kickass at the same time. Guh, I’m starting to feel bad about repeating myself. I have to wonder how she managed to learn all the different spells in such a short time though. Is everyone in Negi’s class a genius?

55) Chiu:

That outfit won me over the first moment I saw it. And of course, There’s the personal sympathy I feel for her, being what I am.

56) Chibi Chiu:

The greatest hacking loli who has ever existed. Ever.

57)  The shipping moments:

Their ship gathering powers are so strong that most of the main characters in the story are their shippers. And I don’t think you can find any reader that are against them either. That’s how amazing they are.

58) AkoXNagi moments:

Ako’s cute. Whenever the story shifts in her direction I can’t help but ship for her, no matter what’s going on elsewhere. The fact that these are the few moments where Negi is naked helps. A LOT. Hmm…now that I think about it, has there been a Ako/Nagi moment without Nagi being at least semi naked?


59) The confessions:

They are always, always, always absolutely adorable.

60) The “is this a shipping moment?” moments:

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a set up for something or not. But this scene has a suspiciously Inuyasha-y vibe to it…

ALso, one of the reasons that the relationship…web is so complicated, is  moments like these that connect characters that had little to no relation to each other before.

61) OMG Kotaro is cute moments:

Look at the above image. Just look at it.

62) Damn it Kotaro shouldn’t be this cool moments:

Why aren’t normal kids like that? Why?

63) Bromance:

When taken out of context, this scene is very, VERY misleading, is it not? Hohoho…

64) Setsuna’s fighting moves:

Graceful and gorgeous. For some reason, I just really love this move. Also, I love to see the differences in how each character moves and fights.

65) Setsuna’s “OJOU-SAMAAAAAAAAA” mode:

The scary thing is, even when she’s completely preoccupied with thoughts of Konoka, she can still slice a steel ball cleanly in half, and then not even notice what she did. Now that I think about it, I wonder why it’s always either slicing solid metal, bullets, or leaves?

66) The way that they end the chapters:

Almost EVERY SINGLE TIME, they end on a note that makes me crave more, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

67) Rakan’s moves:

Because just using any big ass sword isn’t enough.

68) Negi’s dark mode:

Is there no end to the awesome?

69) The psycho lesbian:

She creeps me out. She really, REALLY does.

70) Fate:

Rarely has there been an antagonist that I wanted to strangle and hug at the same time. But Fate… guh, no matter how annoyed I am at what he’s doing, I can’t ignore how adorable he looks while doing it. I can’t help it, I have a soft spot for that kind of shouta…



Doesn’t like how I place the pictures so I have to write this here. If you have a different screen resolution than me, this might look odd.

71) Fate’s harem:

I really feel quite sorry about how out protagonists keep messing with them, but it’s entertaining.

72) The Nagi/Kotaro duo:

See bromance.

73) Arika’s coodere mode:

For some reason, absolutely everything about Arika just screams of awesome.

74) Theodora:

Something about her feels like a breath of fresh air. She also gives Nagi the most powerful pactio item that can possibly be given to him (the ability to use the powers of anyone from his harem), too bad the contract was canceled after only one match. Although I have to wonder just how their family tree works. Arika and Asuna looks human, but Theo clearly doesn’t. Now that I think about it, Asuna also aged much slower than Theo. Is there something going on there? Are they actual siblings?

No matter what, she’s one of the prettiest looking characters in the series. I absolutely love this outfit of hers.

75) The Kisses:

…(head tilt)…awwwwww….

76) The almost kisses:

I can’t believe it took them 83 more chapters to kiss properly.

77) Nagi and Arika:

By all definitions, an epic romance. Possibly my favorite pairing in all fiction (I had thought the two c****s from Tsubasa would be unshakable in that category, but this just might beat it). Arika’s tsuntsun deredere, Nagi’s stupidity and prince-like sparkliness…Ahh… (melts into a happy fangirl puddle)

78) The transformations:

I have no idea why power ups so often result longer hair. But Negi looks good and that’s all that matters.

79) Rakan is badass and hilarious:

This is the greatest attack ever invented. Period.

80) Negi’s awesomeness:

So cute…but so badass at the same time…

81) Seriously, Negi’s awesomeness:

You don’t get such a kickass attack at age ten for nothing.


What? You say that pactios can also be created through blood sharing rituals and that’s what Nagi used with Colonel Sanders? I REFUTE that! They kissed. It’s as sure as the fact that I’m typing on a keyboard at this very moment. I don’t like how they didn’t show it, but it’s fine, because that image will always be in my heart.

Runner up scenes: exactly what happened to Negi’s parents and what’s the big secret that everyone’s hiding.


The hiatus/breaks that Akamatsu-sensei keeps taking. Damn it, I want the next chapter now~!


15 thoughts on “80+ reasons why I love Negima

  1. Because of the spoilers, I had to skip this post, since I am only finished through volume 18 (festival arc). But I still have plenty to say.

    I too, was in love with this manga a while ago. I read the first 9 volumes in like…a week or so, then I decided to stop, because I just couldn’t take the art quality from the scans.

    I waited a while, and then, after about a year, I bought a bunch of volumes, and couldn’t stop reading. I then ran low on money, so I decided to stop reading after finishing the last arc until such a time where I feel comfortable buying more.

    I’m glad I bought them instead of reading scans though, the art is really 284935 times better when compared to the scans, and for me, it makes the manga better (the only drawback is the page sizes, and the sizes of the small print, still it was worth it). I’m going to save up and buy more eventually (I can’t stand going to Borders and just reading them there, I feel like I’m timed and doing something wrong by reading a volume and not paying for it). I’m glad I was able to get to a good stopping point though.

    • I had the first couple of volumes in paper too, I think Del rey actually did a pretty good job with it. Then I got too tired of waiting and started with scans (that, and I started to spend money on artbooks lol).

      I’m glad that you have that kind of mentality. A friend of mine started to buy Tsubasa, and by volume 10 he realized that it was going to cost him money than he had thought. But by then he’s spent so much money on it that he couldn’t stop without getting the entire thing, so every time he’d go check if the new volume was out or not and cry a little.

  2. Oh god I spent my last 15 mins reading this post instead of preparing for my exam in 30 mins.

    But, it’s good to know more Negima fans! Impressive post. Now you’re making me feeling like rereading it for the 6th time.

    • Actually, it’s your posts that convinced me to catch up to Negima again (I took a break after getting to the summer vacation). Everything comes around, doesn’t it?

  3. So yeah… these 80+ reasons count for me too. Tho probably I would have repeated Nodoka more times, since I am a shipper… so yeah. just wow.

    …makes me want to reread Negima, but got exams >.>

  4. It’s hard to believe that even with all the plot progression, chardev, and level ups they did, only a few months have passed since the beginning. Negi is not only the most awesome 10yr old but has the best 10th year anyone could ever hope for…

    I completely agree with everything you said about Nagi x Arika xD; Nagi is just good and Arika, suddenly one of my fav chars ever~

  5. Hm yes, Negima is interesting indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it in 2007 when it went up to about chapter 127 or so.

    Personally I enjoyed the first 127 chapters and not as much the latter 127 chapters. Either way, a fun to read series.

    Ironically you can forget about reading the series for a year and catch up instantly.

    The random console and handheld games it has were fun to play too.

  6. you should’ve put konosetsu shipping in this too, lol.
    Ah ~ This manga never bored me until now. Hard to believe that I just wanted to enjoy the fanservice at first, and yet, here I am, searching for more plot,awesomness, and magic concept deeper in this manga.

  7. As someone who’s been with Negima near the start, this is one nice post…

    Also, Kotarou’s so awesome in your book that you had to post the same picture of his twice. (No offense there, just found it amusing. :D)

  8. I started reading and then I want OMG you really listed 80 things lol so with my schedule I finished reading this today lol nice post I’m a Akamatsu Ken fan as Love Hina is one of my first show I watched like dozens other people.

  9. …OMG this post is so long.
    Not only did I finish reading this extra-long post, I also decide to catch up on that extra-long series.
    Good job, Choux.

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