I shall never accept it

The only way for me to accept bekkankou’s way of drawing and designing  clothes is… I can’t think of any. My opinion of his stuff is doomed forever.

Anyway, Moonlight cradle was a decent fandisc, especially considering the fact that I didn’t hold a great opinion for Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na in the first place. The music was decent, and the artwork was pretty nice once you got past the clothes.There were also quite a bit of effects which were used quite well. The stories are mostly slice of life, with some parts that are pretty funny and one scene with Wreathlit that actually moved me. If you aren’t particularly attachedUnfortunately,  to any of the heroines I suggest you skip through them or get a save to unlock Cynthia’s story, which is something like the meat of it all.

Unfortunately, I will NEVER be able to get past the clothes.

9 thoughts on “I shall never accept it

    • They’re all ugly in my eyes. Well, a part of it is that I’ve always hated large ornamental jewels. Especially, when worn as a clip like the bottom picture. That, and the frills, and the sleeve designs are all like scratching a chalkboard to my eyes.
      With the top one, well, that image is actually okay looking, but we’re stuck looking at this one all the time. The dress part look like a garbage bag with glue on top, and the folds are in all the wrong places. That sash, those gloves, those shoes… it’s like they couldn’t choose between cheesy fantasy and cheesy si-fi and decided on their hideous bastard child instead. The gold looking decorations clash with everything, especially the blue jewels, and the metal on the cape…the light and shadows are all completely wrong. The cape is folding at odd angles, and if it was real then her boobs would be really, really deformed. Cynthia is cute. She deserves better.

      • I’m in agreement. That second picture has some hideous hideous clothes and add the fact that he draws hips that are somewhat narrower makes that paper doll just look fugly.

        As for the blonde I have a different opinion. I think the gold matches the hair, purple and red just fine. But the white of the manteau thing ruins the effect of the gold as well as just being ugly. The guy really likes his manteau like clothing; uniforms in Fortune Arterial come to mind. I do agree that the purple dress’s shading makes it look like some cheap polyethylene material.

      • Awww, I like the cheesy-fantasy mix cheesy-scifi elements. But I do agree that the “glued on garbage bag” clothes is quite fugly.

  1. -____-

    ur extremely picky aren’t you? i guess girls are more picky about cloths in general? i’m kinda whatever about cloths, i thought the top image was actually kinda cute, maybe not so much for the bottom one. i’m not into puffy cloths.

    btw, i started blogging! kinda… like 3 sentences. more like just drawings. check it out. 🙂

    • Actually, I’m not that picky about clothes in real life, but when it comes to 2D stuff I’m really picky. I saw your blog already, actually. That Bacanno piece looks nice. I love the hair and the folds look pretty natural. Although I think that you should have shown Clair’s hand instead of making it twist around. Try getting 2 people to actually pose that to see what the hand wound look like.

      • Hmm. I should do that for my next drawing then. on the other hand, they’d ask why they’re posing for me and i’ll be letting out my secret that i actually enjoy anime and draws it…

      • Well, I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed about, but even then, most people won’t immediately think about anime if you’re asking them to pose, right? They’ll probably think you’re a mysterious artist lol

  2. It’s possible Moonlight Cradle was easier to tolerate since it was strictly segmented given that it’s a fandisc/afterstory series and runs on the information from yoake.

    What amuses me is that Tohyama Midori’s voice actress is different when going from the PC brighter than dawning blue to Moonlight Cradle (of course majority of the characters get a shift in CV, unless the original was played).

    Yeah I don’t think I paid attention the the clothes much.

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