It’s been forever since the last artist post~

I’ve been running out of space on my computer, and since the thought of trying to play Little Busters EX to free up 5 gigs is too daunting a thought, I decided to go through my close to 30 gigs of pictures instead. Because of that, I’ve realized that I have a whole lot of stuff that I didn’t know I had (more than once I’ve found an image that I’ve failed in finding on the internet before). わもち@ついったはじめまった, or wamochi for short, is an artist on pixiv that I just rediscovered today. It’s paint-like, it’s soft, and it’s adorable. What’s not to love?

I can, and I’m also quite sure that many of you can, understand that feeling of mild despair when you see that there’s only one bar left on your cell battery…

I love the contrast beween light and dark. This is actually reflected in her work, as there has been a trend of going from brighter, happier images to darker ones, such as the one below.

I adore the fashion choices and the whimsical use of patterns.

A simple image is great too.

This is here because I saw a sub for the Haruhi movie (although it was a theather recording so I only saw a little bit of it). This was made a long time ago, and you can really see how much she has changed. Aside from Haruhi, Wamochi also has fanart of touhou, Miku, etc etc.

This is a fanart of Redjuice’s cover for Supercell’s new single “Sayonara memories”. It’s not near Kimi no shiranai monogatari levels, but still a really nice song. This image, like many others that she has drawn, really reminds me of Yomogi. I have no idea what this is, but it’s absolutely adorable.


8 thoughts on “Wamochi~

  1. A few of those are so crammed packed full of stuff, but man are they awesome. A lot of them are pretty good, but I’m not so sure about the fanart for Ryouko. The art is cute though, so I’m liking that!
    Oh, and the last image is fanart for an anime called Potemayo. It’s… full of adorableness.

  2. I like the second pic with the dinosaur chomping that girl’s head. Sorta reminds me of those Bubble Bobble characters! (does anyone even play Bubble Bobble anymore? D=)

    Also, K-ON TEETH make the world go round~

  3. Omgesh that first image is so cutesy! You’ve got so many picutres on your hd! oh that last picture is from the anime Potemayo, i totally forgot the characters’ name though xD!

  4. I wouldn’t try playing Little Busters! just yet, even if you can free up the space.

    The current English patch barely works with EX. I can NOT access the only fully translated route. A lot of choices are screwed up with it.

    (I think… I’m using EX ME.)

    …unless you were going to use a Chinese patch.

    By the way, the art at http://moecon.net/area27/mainframe.html is quite cute. It’s mostly BL and Touhou, though.

    • Thanks, but the Chinese patch is working beautifully. And “mostly Bl and Touhou” is definitely not a bad thing, especially with such nice illustrations and a Canadian to boot~

      • I must sound annoying, but could you give me a link to where you get your Chinese patches? I’m learning ^^; Might be less painful to play that version instead of waiting for a ME patch that isn’t a major train wreck.

        I like BL and Touhou, but I wasn’t so sure if you would like the massive amounts of it.

      • No problem. I check at sumisora and lost summer for my patches. You need to register, but I don’t think they’re that problematic (unlike certain Chinese forums where the admin are pricks, making you answer impossible questions or deciding that the place should be invitation only, etc etc).

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