A journey of 5 years…

Going from a random guy who drew too many pieces of Toheart 2 fanart to an artist who captivates me with every image… I really do love Kantoku‘s drawings after all…

I’m mentioning this because the above image reminded me of how much he had changed. If I didn’t see this on his blog, there’s a 99.9% chance that I wouldn’t have believed that he drew it.


3 thoughts on “A journey of 5 years…

  1. Wow, even I can’t believe that final picture is by Kantoku, IMPOSSIBLE!!

    Well one thing that has never failed to impress me from Kantoku is the way he draws hands, always so beautiful.

  2. Kantoku…

    His Afterschool of the 5th Grade artbooks are great to look at. Then there’s his Polyphonica art as well…

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