I wish I knew who made these…

You know these. Once in a while you see a picture that really speaks to you. But the title is a string of numbers and letters which shed absolutely no light on where the image came from. Reverse search engines and image boards don’t help. And you’re stuck. Of course, what’s more common is that you simply can’t bring yourself to actually go through the motion of searching for the artist.

What’s even more painful is when you KNOW you have a cropped image, which cuts down your chances of ever finding the artist even more. This is why I wish every image can be tagged with an author wherever they go…


10 thoughts on “I wish I knew who made these…

  1. From the bottom, working up:

    – No matches.
    – Tagged with the name ‘tsug’
    – Two hits, no helpful info
    – Tagged with the name ‘hanepochi’
    – Tagged with the name ‘oba kagerou’
    – Tagged with the name ‘ishida akira’

    This is what I used: http://iqdb.org/

    If nothing else, it at least gives a good place to start.

  2. The last image is a rendition of the artist Ixy. I think it was drawn by Ixy, but I can’t find it in Ixy’s gallery. Or in a search for “Ixy”. Or in kanikama’s gallery or a search for them. (Similar art style, in some ways.) Or anywhere else. orz (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4935)

    Perhaps it was an old Pixiv profile image? But I know I’ve seen it countless times.

    • Ixy changes the profile picture every so often. Seems like a custom persona they made up to characterize them. They never have uploaded the original pictures to my knowledge.

      Still don’t know if it’s he or she. The drawings are really cute though: http://shiboo.jp/

  3. I wish I could help, but I really wouldn’t even know where to start. They are really nice pictures though…I love the second to last one and all the Miku ones.

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