Subarashiki Hibi project started!

A game which I’ve been assured is one of the best ever created.

A game which clawed its way to the top of erogamescape.

A game which has now gained an English translation project.

There are only 3 reasons that I might not play it when a patch comes out:

1) A patch doesn’t come out

2) The Chinese translation group finished first

3) I wanted to read it too badly and went through the thing with atlas and a dictionary instead.

Guh, my drawings look bad in comparison. If you’re on the main page or the archives, whatever you do, don’t scroll down.


19 thoughts on “Subarashiki Hibi project started!

    • Why do people like any form of entertainment? You always mention that the people here are weird or that I’m odd for having nothing better to do, but you keep commenting, don’t you?

      • Meh I just like trying to annoy the hell out of every one…I personally think you have a right to what ever you enjoy….with in reason of course..there comes a point when you do have to stop but thats besides the point…..No honestly this time Im just asking why do you like this not in an insulting way at all! Just what about it give you a kick….Aslo every one is weird I just like commenting on the fact!

      • I don’t think it’s necessarily “this stuff”, anything that can provide entertainment is good. I once wasted half a day playing with some corn syrup, but writing about that is really sad, isn’t it? I’m interested in a lot of things, but this blog started out as a team blog with a focus on certain forms of Japanese media, and it just feels right keeping it that way, even if all the other members went MIA. With eroges, it’s mainly because I tend to click with that type of romance (only some games though, some are absolute crap). Another thing is that I don’t want something completely mindless (like the Simpsons or most American forms of entertainment) or something that’s too deep or thought provoking (like, oh, I don’t know, the works of Hemmingway or Dickingson or something along those lines). I’m sick and tired of fantasy novels, American sitcoms, soap operas and shounen manga that go on for forever. Maybe in a year I’ll change, but until then, I’m entertained and that’s all that matters.

      • I suppose that is as good a reason as any out there…… ah well I hope you continue to enjoy this or some thing because life is here for us to enjoy it! have a nice day I suppose…

  1. So how was the game? Thrilling? Thought provoking? And the yuri; short and passing, or is the pair an integral part of the multitude of stories?

    • Thanks! I’m already at the point where I think no one reads my old posts anymore lol. I just got past the prologue yesterday with it, and things seem very sinister and interesting.

  2. Do you know about any other vn like this? i mean, i LOVE suba hibi but i don’t know where i can download it, i have been looking for it like since 2011 and i can’t find it, i want to buy it too but i don’t know where! Ah yeah so if you know some vn that is similar to this or is Epic please tell me! i already played g senjou no maou, chaos head, sharin no kuni, saya no uta, ever 17, little busters and planetarian… Please!

    • I’d just like to clarify two things. You’ve been looking for 2 years to buy or download a game, and you say you love it but you haven’t played it?
      In any case, the game is readily available in Japanese on Amazon Japan, etc. You can go to the official website and look at which vendors they link to. I’m not sure where you live so you’d have to do some google work on how to import visual novels into your country (there are always third party companies which can buy foreign goods to deliver into your country).
      In terms of tone and content Subahibi is pretty unique. Some of the other games I liked include Baldr sky and Sou Akki Muramasa, but those are games which spend a lot of time on world building and having tons of characters, unlike Subahibi which focuses on a handful. Perhaps Cross Channel is a little more similar.

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