Artist post: Mami

Once in a while, I see a screen of thumbnails and immediately move to one, which captures my attention and doesn’t let go. Mami‘s art does that to me.

For the most part, they aren’t complicated, they don’t have a truckload of detail, and they aren’t images that you can’t find by the boatload everywhere else on the internet. But SOMETHING about them has that spark, that magic, and you know you have something good on your hands.


6 thoughts on “Artist post: Mami

    • i don’t see why hearts are mentally scarring?

      well, traps is scarring for men at times, while being delicious. but what’s scarring about big boobs? i’m not a fan of big boobs or bottoms personally, never understood that bit about men, but i still don’t see how that’s scarring.

      • Well, hearts are not scarring, just saying there is a lot in MAMI’s pixiv gallery. Big boobs are scarring if they’re saggy and finally traps are scarring if they’re depicted in bondage ropes orz. You will see my meaning if you take a look at the gallery.

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