This world is lonely

That is the feeling that I get from many of えむかみ (emukami)‘s works.

That, and the fact that they all seem to be drawn from the perspectives of a stalker.

Anyway, no matter what random thought had popped into my head, it doesn’t change the fact that I really like this style. I don’t look at this kind of minimal style often, so it’s a refreshing change of pace.


3 thoughts on “This world is lonely

  1. Empty worlds freak me out. Although only the sakura tree picture really feels like it’s awkwardly empty and is the only one that unnerves me.

  2. This is some outstanding art, the theme is quite unique or maybe not, but looking at it I felt a touch of sadness and peacefulness (the contradiction that “sad” and “peace” gave me is what I think is “unique” about the art)

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