When I saw CGs and such, I thought that this outfit was a uniform for a part time job or something of the sort. However, it seems like Komari is just the type person to like wearing that type of outfits…

P.S.: This scene would have been SO touching and emotional if I wasn’t so annoyed by Komari’s screechy voice.


12 thoughts on “THAT ISN’T?

      • No, you already know it. It’s that if I reiterate it, then that’s spoiling.

        Basically given her *route scenario* can also explain why that outfit wasn’t her part time job. Because of her *route scenario* she likes to try things, like the rooftop stuff, so the outfit seems analogous to me when I was reading it.

        I was being a bit too vague. Eh, I still am. It’s a small thing. (As you know, I like properties).

        The outfit does remind me of the one she wears on the white clover album though. I believe Hinoue drew/designed Komari. (I was implying a correlation of allocation too.)

        I was trying to imply the simplicity of the route and part of the contents in there are supposed to direct the limitations of absolute normalcy … well, actually that wouldn’t explain why Komari wouldn’t have a part time job.

        I’ll take a break and figure out how to construct commentary simpler. I had a field day with something earlier today (computer accounting program thing hard to explain in simple terms) ….

  1. I heard Komari’s story was good. But I just finished Kurugaya’s yesterday, it was terrible, and it’s almost de-motivating me to play any further…

      • The ending didn’t explain anything. It just… ENDED. That, and it dragged on for about 523 years with Riki saying how cute Yui is before it cut the crap and got to the ‘story.’ Which, by the way, did not make sense.


        …Is it just LB! or do all VNs have all characters but the one whose story you’re on just drop into some huge black hole?

      • I think that there’s one in any story with over 3 heroines. Let’s see… Fuuko annoyed the hell out of me in Clannad, Sumika was horrible in Kanisino, the tsundere in G-senjou, Minami in Asuseka, Asuka (Asuna?) in Parfait, Konomi in Toheart 2, that quiet girl in Symphonic rain, Kei in Ef, the loli ghost in moshiraba, Sacchin in Tsukihime (technicality counts) etc etc etc….

  2. That outfit definitely reminds me of the Lolita fashion. And yes, a good amount of the people who are into the fashion wear it at least once a week.

    And a lot of Loli characters tend to have this weird, squeaky voice. At least a good amount of them aren’t so bad…

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