The end of refrain…

That was too much like Cross Channel…


7 thoughts on “The end of refrain…

  1. I’m still having trouble finding where to download the chinese patch;;;

    So while I wait 99999 months for Komari’s english patch…

    Is it worth playing? If it’s too much like Cross Channel, would you think it is worth playing for somebody who did not and will not get Cross Channel?

    • Yes, I do think it’s worth playing, most of it still has that “Key” vibe, although this is the first game to antagonize one of the characters so much (not even Air went this far). I was spoiled on the story before I started, so I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I could have. Maybe you’ll click with it more. A small part of some endings is like Cross Channel, but I don’t think you’ll find those too distracting if you played through (but I loved cross channel, so I might be the wrong person to ask).

  2. Just remember it’s a component that’s like cross channel, not the entire thing (at least I don’t think).

    Unless you mean “confusing as hell”, then maybe. But I gather the writing style is definitely different by a large margin.

    • Yeah, I only thought that some parts of refrain was similar to Cross Channel (that, and some of the “confusing as hell” stuff). But the overall feeling was definitely nothing like Cross Channel.

  3. Hey Choux, just a heads up: I finished Ayakashbito and it’s totally worth it. I know it might have a few boring parts (especially in Touko’s route), but the last route of the game really blows and it’s well worth to complete the other 3 routes for that. I definitely would recommend against stalling it.

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