A little unexpected techno

When you look at an opening video, you have expectations, right?

This song, “Over the clouds”, is sang by one of my favorite singers of all time, Alan (she’s even Chinese, yay!). However, she tends to stick with songs that sound a bit more acoustic (such as that BEAUTIFUL Ashita no Sanka), and this is the first time I’ve really listened to her sing a techno song. Am I surprised? Yes. Is the song awesome? Hell yeah. Add to that animation by UFOtable, and you KNOW God eater’s promoters know what they’re doing (if it wasn’t a PSP exclusive I’d almost think about playing it, and you KNOW that’s a big thing for me).

Unlike the above, this is EXACTLY what I expect a Kawada Mami song to sound like. However, this is no where NEAR what I expected it to look like… And that is definitely not a good thing…


4 thoughts on “A little unexpected techno

  1. Is that just a promotional video or is the game going to have cut scenes like that? Cus if that is really from the game I might have to regret trading my psp for a DS so I could play HG.

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