An honorable loss

As I had expected, CI has lost to Sea slugs. They’re definitely worthy of moving on to the next rounds though, especially with a mascot as cute as Nama-ko~ This is a little fanart and my way of cheering them on (every mascot needs to appear in a gothic lolita outfit at least once). Go SST GO!


23 thoughts on “An honorable loss

  1. Whoa! Very cute (AND FREE!!! =D)! Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to tell Kabitzin & Co. about it later (it’s already 2:00am here… pretty sure he’s sleeping by now)

    I love that umbrella decoration! It reminds me of when I used to live in the Ghetto (no seriously, I’m not lying… My house used to be filled with those type of decorations!). Beautiful and Nostalgic, definitely a great combo (btw, did you draw that umbrella-decoration-texture yourself? At least, I think it’s a texture… I know I’d be too lazy to draw it myself =P) Either way, it’s still a nice touch, and so is the fang!

    An Honorable Loss

    There are no losers in this competition! ONLY MORE PAGEVIEWS =D =D =D x159

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  3. Ooh, I love the artwork! The pattern on the edge of the parasol is especially cute, and parasols in general are a nice addition. I’m also loving the bracelet on her wrist; it reminds me of a wrist corsage without the flowers but with more laces. It fits Nama-ko very nicely!

  4. I especially like your shadings. the lineart is really good as well, i like how the hair flows.

    the umbrella though, it doesn’t look like you were just copying the design, how did you make the umbrella edge?

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