Good news/bad news

Good news: an English translation project for Parfait -chocolat second brew- has started.

More good news: This has an EXCELLENT scenario and is one of the best eroges ever made in my opinion.

Bad news: the project has only started.

More bad news: They only have one translator and one tech, no editors, QCers, anything.

Some good news: A mysterious green haired loli/trap/reverse trap will appear soon. You’ll know why it’s good news later.

Some semi-related news (?): Rikako (purple hair) is the best.

Some non-related news: I have a major project that I need to finish today, piled on top of a bunch of other crap. If anything else pops up today, I swear I’m going to snap into crazed yandere or something.


9 thoughts on “Good news/bad news

  1. Yay a solid visual novel. I might as well up my Chinese and read it that way instead.

    And what is this green haired loli/trap/reverse trap you speak of? I had no idea one character could produce three possibilities.

  2. Reminds self (again) to play this once I catch up with the english VNs on my backlog XD
    Chances are by the time I get to it they might have finished XD

  3. Choux, in order to finally understand your world of VN for a bit. I finally am starting to DL VN you recently played and I actually went to buy a japanese to english dictionary so I can play those.

    (oh I can just imagine me searching line by line once I start playing… -_____- )

    • Well, if you really think you’re going to have trouble with it, why not start with something that has been translated into English? Take Kikokugai, Sharin no Kuni, or maybe Sekien no Inganock? If it’s something I mentioned, maybe you’ll have an easier time reading it in Chinese instead of Japanese? Forcing yourself to go word by word through a dictionary isn’t an enjoyable way to go through a story. At least use Atlas.
      which VN are you talking about, by the way?

  4. it was one of the ones I saw on your frontpage. think it was called Little Buster?

    i don’t have torrent (it’s blocked for my server), so i’m using rapidshare to download the part files one by one (with an hour wait time in between… -__- )

    there’s like 39 part files… OTZ

    bright side is, maybe i can actually learn some japanese if i manage to translate an entire visual novel with a dictionary…

    • I can send you a torrent link, I think.
      What’s your email?
      There’s a partial english patch, and they’re still working on it.

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