Three words


Guh, I really hate these alternate world stories right now. But Ange just showed up, so it’s all good, I guess? I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that Episode 6 will make at least SOME sense…


9 thoughts on “Three words

  1. Oh yes, what T4iyaki said. But on the bright side, from where you are, an at least temporary squee is imminent :).

  2. EP5 is just exposition for whatever Ryukishi07 will troll us with in EP6-8.
    (EP6 is pretty entertaining though)

    • It’s not necessarily horrible, per say. The anatomy is awful and he needs to understand how to draw lolis, BUT no one draws expressions or clothes quite like Ryukishi07… This is the sound novel umineko.

  3. Agreed with thenewhorde, the art…
    UGH. *barfs in mouth*

    What’s Umineko about? I never got around to watching/playing Umineko or Higurashi.

      • It is epic LOL!
        But I lost track of how many meta-world-layers we actually have…3? 4? @_@

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