The one (s) that changed my mind

This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, I see an image, and it completely changes my perspectives of an event or an artist. Eventually, there was enough of these little occurrences, and, coupled with me feeling too burned out to draw, resulted in this post.

Note: this post gets more NSFW as it progresses…

no.5 1948

This doesn’t look it, but it’s supposedly the most expensive painting that has ever been sold. It taught me the valuable lesson that value itself cannot be defined by just one person. $140 million… I can’t believe it…

For me, Zinno has always been an artist that’s just THERE. I see his work around, but they always seem simple, fanservicy, and generally not that impressionable. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Tama-nee image above though (now that I think about it, I can’t remember her actual name anymore, I know know Tama-nee).

This impression didn’t change as I saw the art for tenshi no tamago.

However, somewhere around 2008, Zinno’s art changed quite a bit. So much so, that I had no idea it was the same person when I saw the art for Signal Heart plus. And as boring as the story for that seems to be, the art definitely speaks to me. Obligatory sad girl in snow picture~

There was this glow, this sparkle to the characters that hadn’t been there before, not to mention that they look older and lankier (he also got better at drawing guys, although I can’t find a good and safe example). I’m pretty sure the bottom one’s a trap BTW (I say “pretty” because the hcg is kind of…well…) *cough, anyway… Lesson learned: even if an artist seems to be settled into a certain style, they can always change~SO cute

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I thought this could be avoided!





Dense protagonist.


On a semi-related note, something Hiyo said while discussing love really proved to be interesting to me. I’m shortening it a bit though.

Hiyo: “In my mind…the basis of having high standards is keeping a distance from other people. Because they can’t build a close relationship with another being, because they don’t want to build a close relationship with another being… Even though there’s nothing besides a superficial relation, they still want closely connected emotions. So, naturally, their standards will be higher. Sometimes, one ends up chasing the manifestation of a fantasy, someone who couldn’t possibly exist. Then, it becomes a matter of pulling together factors benefit the person. It’s no longer about love, but ‘conditions’. Because, in situations like that, the event of ‘being attracted to another person’ isn’t occurring.”

This really interesting, because the subject of expectations has been on my mind ever since I read Eternal’s post a while ago. I can’t but feel like this is a writer’s message to the readers, and what he considers to be the nature of people who “love” the different parts of ACG. It’d be really ironic if that was true, since it would mean that he consider the relationship between his writing and the readers to be cheap, superficial, and harmful to the reader. But that’s probably just me going off into a tangent.

On a completely unrelated note, I know she warned us, but Harutsuge’s dere is STRONG. Very, VERY strong.

Goodbye, trap bodyguard, goodbye

Yup, Koisuru to Otome to Shugo no Tate translation project is gone. So, how many C&Ds does that make? I’ve lost count a while ago. I don’t have much to say on the subject, because I can’t understand the legal reasons behind the actions of many companies (taking law next year), but I really have to wonder why here and why now. Was this triggered by some kind of communication among companies to protect what they believe to be their collective rights? Or did all this get started by 1 person who considered him/herself as a righteous representative of companies? It would be quite interesting if someone compiled a time line that showed where this all started from.

And why is it that I’ve only heard this kind of news for English translation groups and none for Chinese? Are the companies biased against those who speak English? Or maybe they just simply didn’t know about the Chinese circles (which, I might add, is much more developed than the English one)? Perhaps it’s just that the Chinese ignore the warnings and don’t talk about it, and a very likely explanation is that I’m just not that informed.

No matter what, the results of these things and their effects on the community are going to be very interestimg. I mean, we’ve already had no small amount of flaming, who knows what’s going to come next.

Please call me “onee-sama”!

Generally, the guys shout “MOEEEEEEEE!!!!!” and I go “Ah, cute.” But, Waka, WAKA.

She’s so MOE.


The interactions between the other characters are very amusing too. Hartutsuge saying something, Hiyo getting angry in her own quiet way, Harutsuge telling Araragi that “You’re too young to understand the pleasure from this”…

“A question. If you had to choose between being tortured painfully then being killed and being tortured painfully then being killed, which one would you choose?”

Isn’t that adorable? I really, REALLY want her to call me “onee-sama”…

It was doomed to happen again

Hmm… I thought that Yuuri from Tayutama was pretty rare, but looking at Piro, I’m beginning to think that maybe that isn’t true. Being unkind, holding malice against a “heroine”, that just isn’t supposed to be done in pure love stories. As far as I can tell, it’s practically a taboo. So what does this mean? Is this another jab at eroges and their rules? How delusions just don’t happen in reality? How did Miho get in there? Is Piro ever going to admit that he still loves her? And the most important question of all: when’s Miho going to wear her gothic lolita outfits again? Sigh… Miho without black frills is like Beatrice without a pipe, it just isn’t right.

A happy first impression

A scene from near the beginning:

What am I doing, lazying around the girl’s dorms like this?

Protag: “Hiyo, where’s the male dorms!?”

Hiyo: “Male dorms?”

Protag: “I got the male and female dorms mixed up! I need to leave immediately!”

The fate of guys who stumble into female dorms is an unimaginably tragic ending. Ever since the time of Adam of Eve, the judgment for those who intrude into paradise is banishment.

I don’t want to be expelled on my first day at school!

Hiyo: “There isn’t a male dorm.”

Protag: “There isn’t? Why isn’t there one?”

Hiyo: “Because such a thing as a male dorm doesn’t exist within this school.”

Protag: “What? Then where do the guys live?”

Don’t tell me this is an all-girl’s school!

I followed my grandfather’s will and entered into the school as a girl, but this is supposed to only happen to those guys who look cuter than actual girls and can’t do anything BUT cross dress. How on earth did I land myself in this situation without realizing it!?

Hiyo: “You’re going to live here, danna-sama.”

Protag: “Oh crap, so I’m really one of those people with a cross-dressing fetish?”

This is awesome. Not to mention blissful therapy for my ears.

The odd thing is that I can’t quite tell which era this is from. I mean, there’s a washing machine and a wooden stove  in a house with a straw roof (how nostalgic, my great grandmother used a wooden stove). The guy wears really traditional clothing, but another girl wears a long shirt and leggings that go near the ankles, something that is pretty recent. In the bath, Hiyo is shown carrying plastic containers of shampoo and such, and there are hot water bottles and sneakers, so it’s all very odd…