That was a slap in the face and a piece of cake

All at the same time. Hmm…

I tend to like the even numbered games better, because they tend to focus on the romantic relationships. Episode 6 was no different, and the SQUEEEEEE moments at the beginning were adorable.But unfortunately, the other half of the focus was on Battler’s logic being stuck. While his stuck logic had created a pretty good atmosphere at the beginning of the story, after a while it just got annoying. What I don’t understand is how he got “stuck” in the first place. He’s the GM, there was no reason for him to have to explain everything, he could have just said everything was because of magic. I have to wonder why he didn’t. Either that, or I’m misunderstanding the situation.

There’s also the problem that there are contradicting red words, which shouldn’t be possible. Even if a person believe something to be true, they can’t speak in red about it unless it’s actually true, this was shown a few episodes ago when Battler tried to say who his mother was. Anyway, it’s acceptable that there was 17 people on the island, since pretty much no one saw Kinzo anyway. But if it’s true that even with Erika there was only 17 people, then it either means that Erika isn’t a person or there’s more trolling than I had thought there was. And the whole layered meta world thing is getting… I don’t even know HOW to describe it. Ange told Toya that she read about Featherine in a story. which means that an alternate world was also split into 2, on top of the story on paper, the other world with the wedding, the island, the not island, and then there’s the whole thing about the explosion, so now I’m getting flashbacks of the hinamizawa disaster again. And THEN there was that last conversation with “mother”…

…My head hurts.

This situation is worsened because I can’t exactly remember a lot of the details from past games, especially round 5. The whole thing about the babies is still confusing. So, Asumu and Kyrie both had kids. Then something happened with Natsuhi or something. In the last round, the fake call said that Natsuhi was the “mother”? And then more stuff happened, and Kyrie was jealous for 18 years. Then Asumu died and they remarried, then 6 years before the family meeting, Battler left the house to live with Asumu’s family. But then why was Kyrie jealous for 18 years? How old is Battler again? I can’t remember at all.

On the plus side, there was a lot of SQUEEEEEEE and awesome this time around. Especially with that top image. I love it when Beatrice crackles. Even if the entire thing was just a delusion. The new music was great too, and the 2 ending themes are fantastic.

Now that I think about it, I kind of feel like the entire world is trying to get me to not repeat looping worlds. I remember a few months ago, I wanted to make a post called “out of one time loop and into another”. In that case, it would have been 3days after Fate/HA. But, then various things happened, and I still haven’t touched 3 days. This time, I had Umineko, Little busters, 3Days, and Kusarihime lined up. Yes, Little busters is really different from the other 3 titles, but it’s technically still a looped world. However, it just HAD to be final exam time. Every time I try to do 2 looping world titles in a row, something interrupted it. Hmm… I wonder if there’s really something behind it…


3 thoughts on “That was a slap in the face and a piece of cake

  1. I don’t care if I’m spoiled just tell me please does Erika gets her *** kicked I just can’t stand her, I couldn’t bear playing through EP5 if I wasn’t spoiled beforehand that she gets beated up hard at the end.

  2. Yes, the number of meta-worlds is quite…getting out of hand.

    But the entire purpose of the game is that EVERYTHING that happens MUST be achievable by “normal” means.
    And for that reason, Battler must be able to find an explanation which outrules “magic” (even if he “uses” magic to do it in-game or whatever). It’s pretty simple, actually…but there’s so much trolling all over the place 😀

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