That took FOREVER!(Spoilers for FMA ending. There, I’ve warned you, happy now?)

FINALLY, they get their feelings across. YESSSSSSS! Now that I think about it, like Clamp, I’ve never seen a kiss in FMA either, I wonder how many other mangaka has that aversion…




Ah…that’s another one of the series that has taken me through highschool over… I’m going to miss you, Full metal alchemist! Really, so many series that I’ve loved for these years are ending or had ended. Ouran, Tsubasa, FMA. Code Geass and Umineko will probably be done by the time I graduate. Well, maybe not Code Geass. But back on the topic of FMA: That was a totally satisfying ending. I loved everything besides how Riza and Roy didn’t have a fluffy moment, but that’s okay.

P.S.: Best line in the entire chapter. >


3 thoughts on “Yes yes YESSSSSS

  1. I marathoned the manga when I heard it had finally ended. I’d have to say it was definitely worth the read. FMA had a great buildup to the last quarter of the manga, where all your time spent finally pays off.

  2. It was so good…Winry x Ed was cuute…

    But if I had to complain about one thing: Why did Riza cut her hair?! I liked it when it was bundled up and long…T-T

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