Escaping from reality….

A bio final tomorrow, plus I lost my tablet pen and need a new one. And to escape from reality, here I am watching the Gurren Lagann parallel works. This one is my favorite out of all of them, even though I can’t exactly figure out what it’s about.


A bio final tomorrow?




Someone kill me now.

But before that, someone get me a replacement tablet pen!

Update: I found the pen and got a 98% on my final~ Life is wonderful desu~


11 thoughts on “Escaping from reality….

  1. I’d be more than happy to get you one considering what you have done for me lately. Just shoot me or impz an email so I can send you the money.

    Good luck on your final.

    • This is just my interpretation:

      Simon and Nia met when they were young, and she gave him a red stone, which he has always treasured. However, after a short time they were separated and she ended up being sold to sing at the… I’m not sure what to call it, brothel? To find Nia, Simon went there too, even to the point of being one of the numbered people (who are prostitutes). But, when they met again, Nia didn’t recognize him anymore, and he thought that it would have been okay if she didn’t know. Nevertheless, they became friends, but the owner didn’t like to see his prized singer meddling with Simon and hurt him.
      I’m not sure about the Yoko parts in the middle, but it’s either a flashback, or Yoko’s trying to get the two of them to stay away from each other because she doesn’t want them to get hurt again.
      After a while, a salesperson comes along and sells a new singer. Knowing that Nia won’t be needed anymore, Kamina tells Nia about the numbers to convince her to run away. It’s either that she’s as useless as those bodies or she’ll be turned into a numbered person too. That’s when she realizes the numbers on Kamina and those children are the similar (they’re probably dead, and went through a hell of a lot even before that).
      So, they finally escape, but then Nia realizes that Simon also has a number on his head (it might also be that he was numbered from the very beginning and Nia’s arrival was his only hope in life) and what it means. This also reflects the title, a sense of wonder, which is when one looks at something with a different context than at first and realizes new things.
      At this, Simon comforts her and urges her to go on alone. Maybe it’s because they can only help 1 person escape, maybe it’s because the numbers are tracked and he wants her to have a better chance, maybe it’s because the numbered people can’t survive outside of that place. But it doesn’t matter, as you KNOW he’s going to die, and he’s going to die because he has saved her.

    • It’s only English. It’s not that bad, really. On Monday I had to do a 200 question chem test in a little over 2 hours. THAT was a pain in the ass.

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