There goes my conspiracy theory

A long time ago, I had a conspiracy theory about Kobato. It involved a Romeo and Juliet-esque situation where the wrong thing was heard at the wrong time. Kobato would have been a lesser demon who accidentally killed an angel, but ended up being connected to the angel that Ioryogi was in love with. Unfortunately, with the latest chapter of Kobato (drop 21B), the possibility of that has been completely and utterly crushed. Yes, CLAMP has finally revealed exactly what Kobato is.

On the other hand, this still leaves room for readers to speculate on exactly HOW Kobato got wrapped up in the situation in the first place and why she looks like an angel even before the merge. Was the quarrel between humans or other beings? Where exactly is Kobato’s soul? What happened to the angel? I really hope that this can be resolved without going into Tsubasa-esque multiple variation worlds/bodies and time discontinuation, because it certainly feels like we’re heading in that direction.


I love how the Chinese scans come out faster~

Anyway, seems like I’m right, because the angel is actually Kobato in a different world (apparently heaven is just another parallel dimension). So, when A (angel)Kobato went to H (human)Kobato, some stuff happened to their souls. It’s weird, because firstly they mention how HKobato’s soul was used to in exchange to stop her time, but then they say there’s an angel inside HKobato. So is there’s a soul swap going on? That can’t be right, since HKobato’s supposed to be soulless. And where did AKobato’s body go? Do angels have bodies? Sigh… I can’t remember this stuff, maybe I’ll go and re-read wish. This also opens up another possibility, one that fans have been talking about for forever:  Ioryogi might actually be an alternate version of Fujimoto.

Guh… Kobato’s supposed to be relaxing, since when did it start reminding me of Cross Channel?


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