Worse than endless eight…

I have been playing Little Busters, and for various reasons there was over a month from when I finished the main stories to when I started the new paths that are new for Ecstasy.

Sasami’s story was cute. No where NEAR as cute as a certain other story involving a cat in Clannad, but still cute.

Kanata’s story was also cute. It showed her side of things on Haruka’s scenario, and one scene was actually a bit touching.

The muscle ending was funny, kind of. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m too numb to it now, but having everyone say “Kiniku (muscle) YEAH YEAH!” just isn’t that amusing.

The main component of the LB!EX add-ons is Saya’s route, at least, that’s what various people on forums and Takajun is saying. Is it good? Sure. Is it great and fantastic? I might say yes if that maze isn’t so god damned annoying!

To get through the Saya route, you have to go through an underground maze many, MANY times. I don’t like any of the mini games in Little Busters, and the maze is like some kind of nightmare that never ends. Here’s what you have to do:

Go through Saya’s route, which means completing 8 levels with some really annoying BGM with seemingly no goal or end in sight while the protagonist struggles to decide whether or not he’s gay. Of course, he say he isn’t (but we all know the truth, don’t we?). This is takes much more time if you chose to turn on the shooting game (which I haven’t for the sake of my sanity).

Go through Saya’s route again from her perspective.

Die. (No, really, you have to die to win)

Do it again.


Do it again.


Do it again.


Do it again.


Do it again.


Do it again.


And repeat that, oh, 25 times or so. I’m glad that they don’t make you go through EVERYTHING at each restart, and I KNOW that it’s there to make me feel Saya’s frustration, but there are easier ways to do this! Also, it would help if Saya didn’t keep making those stupid jokes all the time.

By the way, after you die the right way enough times, they decide to just blast their way through the maze. Proving that there was no need to do it the hard way in the first place. Then we go into an ending which makes about much sense as Cross Channel, but considerably less touching (why the biological weapon? Seriously, why?).

Apparently there’s 2 more endings which can be done by a) going through the maze a few more times AGAIN and b) going through the maze again, but turning on the shooting game.

…I hate how I’m to stubborn to quit… Why can’t all VNs be straightforward like Nanatsuiro drops?


5 thoughts on “Worse than endless eight…

  1. I’ll randomly mention Nanatsuiro Drops’ possibility pool is significantly lower. That, and the scenario’s conditions.

    Perhaps the LB minigames were more tedious than fun.

  2. I thought LB had an option to disable minigames from the start (o.o??? ). That’s probably what these kind of games need a lot more…
    VN version of grinding, ugh…

    • Yes, but there’s no option to change that decision later on in the game. So if I turned it on, I had to either put up with it or start from the beginning and skip for an hour, neither of which is a lot of fun. There’s also the fact that I had tried to beat the baseball minigame a few times, all of which I regretted (because I hate baseball and it takes forever to go through the final match). Some events can only be triggered by the game, especially in Saya’s route, where an extremely complicated and annoying process involving shooting too many enemies can unlock a hidden ending.

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