I can’t do this anymore. No. Nope. I am never touching this game ever again. I’m going to purge it from my mind. I’m going to pretend it never existed. I’m going to make myself some lunch, eat it, delete the thing from my computer, and I’m going to play Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo, because I can’t stand the sight of guns anymore.

How do people ENJOY these things? Seriously. I don’t get it.

No guns, yay~


8 thoughts on “I.Give.Up

  1. haha,I also think the mini game is too boring.
    But if you give up the game because of the mini game,I think it is wrong.You can use a software that can make program’s speed down……So you can pass the fighting.
    Saya is one of my favorite roles in the Little Busters EX.I think she is very Strong.Even if she repeated numerous times in the world experiencing the same thing,she doesn’t give up.If I am her.I may be crazy and give up.

    But,it is a very serious problem that the mini game is really really boring……

    • Oh,I don’t know if there is the software that can make program’s speed down.But in Chinese,the name is “变速齿轮“.

      I don’t know if my speaking is useful,but because I like the game very much,so I wrote so much nonsense.

      • Oh, I’ve actually already finished the true end at this point, it’s just that I’ve given up on getting the school revo ending, that’s all. 后来在sumisora看到了school revo的内容。。。才那么几行。。。我花了那么长时间有没得到。。。-_-|||

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