Oh wow…

Generally, eroge protagonists are spineless, useless, but honest and kind. Yuuri seemed to be like that. Then he got pissed off  at Ameri for various things and yelled at her, and I mean REALLY yelled at her. He accused her of of always being capricious and shifting meaningless anger on to others, then called her less than human (which is a somewhat more common and personal insult in Chinese, although I’m not sure about Japanese).

Generally, I don’t really like characters like Ameri (genki, straightforward about everything but the fact that she likes the guy), but this time I’m completely on her side. Yuuri has his frustrations, and Ameri made a few mistakes, but geez there was no reason to be such an ass. On the plus side, I’m interested now (you’re right, relentlessflame, it does pick up the pace).

P.S.: Ouryuu is pretty oranyan and quite cute. Although I wish they actually put some tension into his “scene”. The Chibi punching and the super deformed faces felt as out of place as Ayakashibito’s chibis.


4 thoughts on “Oh wow…

  1. Ameri is pretty much the big dividing line between Tayutama game players. You pretty much have to take one side or the other. Personally speaking, I didn’t really like or sympathize with Ameri, so while Yuuri probably said a bit too much, I still didn’t feel very sorry for her. By that point I too had had just about enough of her particular brand of jealousy mixed with that twisted sense of entitlement. That being said, I know other game players who quite liked and sympathized with Ameri all along and also thought that Yuuri was way out of line. As you say, though, it does kick things up a notch in terms of the drama in the story, and gives a bit more personality to our protagonist.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing more thoughts as you keep playing. :p

  2. Yeah I didn’t like Ameri’s route, but I liked her as a supporting cast. Mashiro and Mifuyu is where it’s at anyways. 😀

  3. Actually some of the deformed cgs were entertaining in ayakashibito, and even more so in chrono belt.
    Also play Swan Song instead, it’s really immersing and excellent.

    • Yes, some of it were, but the more awkward ones left more of an impression…
      I started on Swan Song, actually, but Aroe’s voice made me reconsider it, and then I decided that it’s the second day of Summer break and I didn’t want to feel depressed. I’ll definitely go at it later though.
      (Seriously though, I have Swan Song, Kusarihime, Phantom, Kirakira, and a bunch of stuff that’s better than Tayutama. Even as a moe eroge I have Hoshizora no Memoria. I have no idea why I’m reading Tayutama right now, but something prevents me from deleting it and keeps pulling me back).

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