That’s it?

Nothing happened. The absolutely tiny bit of drama was boring, everything was too convenient, and did I mention that pretty much nothing happened?

Yuuri and Ameri loved each other since they were young. There was a misunderstanding between them. They cleared it up. Some random stuff about magical fluff balls called Tayutai popped up. All the Tayutai left. The end.

There was nothing to their relationship, they were just together because they were together. There’s pretty nothing in the plot that a 10 year old couldn’t come up with, and I didn’t like any of the characters (except for Mafuyu and Nue on occasion).

The big one’s Mafuyu (reeeeeally direct tsundere), the little one is Nue (quiet, childish, doesn’t trust anyone but Mafuyu)<br>

The one on the right was the most annoying character by far. Hey, Lump of Sugar, if you’re going to make her look hot, don’t give her the voice and personality of that annoying aunt who nags too much, okay? And while you’re at it, can you please get a plot? No? Then maybe get rid of that annoying voice that says “Lump of sugar nya” every time the game starts? Pretty please?

How on earth did this thing sell?

How on earth did this thing sell well enough to get a fandisc?

Why on earth did that random Chinese guy say this was the best game of that year and translate it?

Why do I get the feeling that I’m going to finish all the other routes tomorrow?


7 thoughts on “That’s it?

  1. Before uninstalling at least play Mashiro’s route! Sadly, through all the routes the common route is quite long; consisting of tackling the 3 big baddies in a different order.

    But Mashiro’s route is gold, makes the game worthwhile!

  2. I would say that Ameri’s route was my least favourite of the game, personally… but when people start pulling the “how on earth did this thing sell” line just because they don’t enjoy something… yeah…

  3. How on earth did this thing got an anime?I only watched a couple of episodes of it then I got bored of it.
    “Why do I get the feeling that I’m going to finish all the other routes tomorrow?”
    Because we all know you love VNs and you will give it a second chance even if you feel disappointed now.

    • Well, a bit of both, really. There’s not enough fluff that I thought was actually fluffy and too much fluff that felt more pointy than fluffy.

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