Please call me “onee-sama”!

Generally, the guys shout “MOEEEEEEEE!!!!!” and I go “Ah, cute.” But, Waka, WAKA.

She’s so MOE.


The interactions between the other characters are very amusing too. Hartutsuge saying something, Hiyo getting angry in her own quiet way, Harutsuge telling Araragi that “You’re too young to understand the pleasure from this”…

“A question. If you had to choose between being tortured painfully then being killed and being tortured painfully then being killed, which one would you choose?”

Isn’t that adorable? I really, REALLY want her to call me “onee-sama”…


14 thoughts on “Please call me “onee-sama”!

  1. D’aww.

    I wish I could read this, but I got 20 minutes into the trial before giving up due to bad Japanese skills. If I hadn’t dropped out of Chinese school way back when, I could have access to so many more visual novels… oh well. The music was really good, though!

  2. Seems like portions of the game doesn’t work, to be more specific, the later parts when I load from a full save, there are no voices and the words make no sense. Just to confirm, this is the 100% patch right?

  3. How is the VN faring for you so far? I am near the end of chapter 2 and I can say this is easily one of the most difficult VN i had ever read. I am just amazed by the translation team. Some of the Chinese phrases and words that are being used are quite high-leveled

    The plot is epic, but it’s also getting extremely abstract and difficult to understand at times

    • Guh, I’m trying to finish some of my drawings, so I’m still near the beginning of chapter 2… The younger blue is evil, pure evil. I really like the story as a whole though. I’m really amazed at how the translation team actually did all the weird little facts, even the floating ones. Ah, it must be the power of imouto love~

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