Stuff I wonder why I didn’t draw

For reasons that I can’t quite remember about, I ended up flipping through my old drawings. As I expected, I dislike the vast majority of them, but there’s a few that makes me go “how come I never finished and colored this?”

Yes, I’m spamming random stuff. It’s summer vacation. Sue me.

Ange, Ange~ She’s my favorite part of Umineko, and this is the best picture I’ve ever done of her (although I haven’t tried recently). Maybe it’s because I never draw faces like that. Seriously, most of the pictures that I like from my older drawings look good by pure luck.

This was a funny little thing I came up with years ago about an evil loli whose hobby was turning guys into traps. I REALLY want to draw this out completely.

I would never draw this now, since I know how evil those 2 are, but I have no idea why I didn’t do it then. Bern is cute, nya nya~

This was was supposed to be a series of strips with a girly guy and his trap best friend. Yes, that girl is a trap.

Caption: If Pizzahut was also sponsoring Bones.

I wanted to do a bunch of fanart of characters look alike, mainly because I never do ANY fanart. In this case, there’s C.C. (Code Geass) and Ambe r(Darker than black). I also wanted to do Anemone (Eureka 7) with Lucy (To heart 2).

There was a LOT of outfits that I tried on Rin when designing Sepia tears. I’m sure that I went over at least 50 outfits for Rin alone and one day I’ll make a post complaining about them. however, I remember that I really liked this one, and I can’t remember for the life of me why I didn’t draw this one.

This is for you, Rooked.

I should have done this ages ago, but I have a problem: I’m too ambitious. I started out drawing your character, then I thought the page was too empty and had to add another one. Then I started to imagine the story that brought them together. Then I started drawing.

Then I kept drawing until I got a starting that I liked.

Then I kept drawing.

Until I ended up with pages and pages of rough drafts that I’m never going to finish.

At one point, this was involved.

Yes, that IS a decapitated head.

Eventually, it got so out of hand that I gave up. I really need to stop doing that.

To end on a happier note, this is one of the first times that I drew a guy, which I’m asking you to ignore now because I think the girl’s absolutely adorable. No, she’s not half animal, that’s just an effect (you know, one of those “puppy dog eyes” things).

Maybe I can draw all of these out someday?


15 thoughts on “Stuff I wonder why I didn’t draw

  1. AWESOME! I’m glad you didn’t forget. And the chibi is super cute, I like what you did with the bow and braid. Rough draft or not, I’m saving it.

    Now it’s my turn to return the favour? I should draw some fanart of your characters. 😀

  2. I’m wondering, how long ago were these pictures dated to be? There seems to be a considerable number of trap oriented examples (or just happen to stand out) so I gather it must have been within the last two (three?) years or so.

    That does remind me. I have been wanting to finish my own fanart but I never seem to get around to finishing it. I should get it done with and scan it so I can show you and see what I can improve on and know what does work.

    • Most of these are from 2009, I think, though I’m pretty sure that first thing about traps was a bit earlier. This is kind of odd, because I almost never draw traps, but I ended up picking those out anyway (maybe it’s because they’re different).

      I’ll be looking forward to whatever you do~

  3. I hope you manage to complete a few when you feel up to it again. i can somewhat sympathize with my own pile of unfinished projects, though there is no creative pressure on my end just the willingness to settle on a color scheme and apply it through a range of things.

    I have a question though the one you did for Rooked it looks like it says Beirut Bombing in the bottom left hand portion. Mine me asking what that was about?

    • I have absolutely no idea why that’s there. See, I forget things easily, so I jot them down, but then I end up forgetting why I jotted them down, and now I have many, many pages of little notes which I have given up on deciphering…

      Actually, now that I think about it, that one MIGHT be a reference I saw in a drama that I wanted to look up, but I can’t think of anything that I saw that would mention this event…

  4. I wouldn’t be able to draw this well even if I trained for years
    To say the truth I’m quite interested in this loli trap creator,It’s a nice idea.

    • Bah! Anyone can get there if they really went for it. This is what I looked like years ago. Everyone with enough determination can get what they want.

      Thanks~ I need to get on that as soon as I finish some other stuff.

    • I don’t know, really. If you meant taking art class in school, 1 year, if you mean drawing real things, around 2,if you mean actually doing drawings instead of doodles, around 3, if you mean drawing based off of my old obsession with anime, around 9, if you mean just drawing anything, around 15. But then again, most people have been drawing for most of their lives without ever counting it.

  5. You’ve improved a lot~

    I have a huge pile of unfinished drawings ffff
    One peice of perfectly good Bristol board was ruined because my hand slipped with the damn pigment liner OTL;;

    Hm, girls are hard to draw now after drawing so much DRRR fanart xD;;

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