Goodbye, trap bodyguard, goodbye

Yup, Koisuru to Otome to Shugo no Tate translation project is gone. So, how many C&Ds does that make? I’ve lost count a while ago. I don’t have much to say on the subject, because I can’t understand the legal reasons behind the actions of many companies (taking law next year), but I really have to wonder why here and why now. Was this triggered by some kind of communication among companies to protect what they believe to be their collective rights? Or did all this get started by 1 person who considered him/herself as a righteous representative of companies? It would be quite interesting if someone compiled a time line that showed where this all started from.

And why is it that I’ve only heard this kind of news for English translation groups and none for Chinese? Are the companies biased against those who speak English? Or maybe they just simply didn’t know about the Chinese circles (which, I might add, is much more developed than the English one)? Perhaps it’s just that the Chinese ignore the warnings and don’t talk about it, and a very likely explanation is that I’m just not that informed.

No matter what, the results of these things and their effects on the community are going to be very interestimg. I mean, we’ve already had no small amount of flaming, who knows what’s going to come next.


18 thoughts on “Goodbye, trap bodyguard, goodbye

  1. FUUUU I was looking so forward to that one too TTATT; it’s getting harder and harder to stay cool and reasonable why the C&Ds keep flowing in to take out the translation groups…

    C&Ds against Chinese trans groups won’t do anything. Not when all the major companies still use pirated software. IIRC the government finally made themselves stop pirating recently…

    Things going underground, is pretty much all it comes to.

    • I was more looking forward to Kara no Shoujo. It was close to finished, and the Chinese group died a while back, so it was my only hope… But there’s still a rumor of Mangagamer bringing it over. If they do, I might actually buy it (have yet to play or buy a mangagamer game).

      I agree with the going underground bit. I actually got some complaints through my IP about anime, so I get them all through IRC now. It’d be an interesting psychological phenomenon to see the english going the same way as Chinese (there are few site based groups, most can only be contacted through QQ or forums, some can’t be contacted at all).

  2. Well, there are at least few different things going on:

    1. The companies are definitely getting “tipped off” about translation projects by people in or on the periphery of the English fan community. Whether they’re doing this out of a sense of morality or just a desire to see how much trouble they can cause isn’t clear. Of course, I don’t think it’s like the companies were actually otherwise unaware of it, but it is a factor.

    2. MangaGamer (along with Jast to some degree) has been making some inroads in trying to get companies to cooperate and release games for the English market. I think a lot of these companies would really like the English market to take off, as the Japanese market certainly isn’t growing. They surely realize that having the game already translated and available for free download really damages their chances of selling the product later for what they might consider a “reasonable price”.

    3. There’s still some residual pain felt about the whole Rapelay incident from a few years back, with some companies believing that an uncontrolled increase in exposure in America and other foreign markets could result in increased foreign pressure and censorship.

    At the end of the day, I think fan translation projects have a place, but I think some people involved have been deluding themselves into thinking that the companies would be okay with it all. Certainly, having large public sites dedicated to fostering an entire community around unauthorized translation of copywritten work wasn’t very wise. The spillover from those unwise decisions, combined with the both political and financial culture of the day, has affected all fan translation projects.

    • I can see why there’s problems about rapelay and whatnot, I just don’t understand why people aren’t getting over them. Same thing with the money issues. It’s not like scanlations killed the manga industry in North America. This kind of like how I still can’t understand the discrimination the Chinese give to the Japanese or so many people give to homosexuals. It’s probably just the youthful optimism/naivety in me.

  3. two reasons~
    first,In china there are so many pirate software exist,so these companies may just give up.
    second,chinese government forbid imports of erogame(of course many VN contain H-scene),so these companies can’t get anything from their action.

    and many chinese translation “work in dark”,they don’t have blogs,they don’t release progress reports,so it’s hard to interrupt their work.


    it seems like you can read chinese??
    am I right??是这样吗?

    • It’s the eroge companies that don’t want exports, so it doesn’t matter, right?
      I really wish some of them would work in the dark, and some of them wouldn’t. Looking at the WLO progress reports makes me depressed, and not looking at the Yasuga no Sora progress makes me depressed lol

      看得懂啊~ ^.^

      • yosuga??

        it seems like a chinese patch will be released in july or august~~
        haha,although I can read chinese easily ,I still hope the english translation work could go on~~

      • I heard that they’re going to stop after a patch for Sora’s route. Hopefully that won’t come to pass, but since the C&Ds started, I’m not putting much hope into anything.

  4. Funny though how some creators like Ryukishi07 encourages fan translators and others stop them.I think of the same reasons that have been said by Flame already.

    • Well, 07th expansion isn’t a company and they don’t have anything to do with ero, so I’m guessing there’s no pressure or anything? Love how awesome Ryukishi07 is though.

  5. What effect?

    The translator left the project and the C&D was sent a year later.

    If you ask me, the timing of the C&D is a lot more hilarious than the implications (of which there will be little, since we all are dealing with the fallout of A Certain Retarded GipFace…), since the project was stalled long before the C&D was released.

  6. Default
    Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate project doesn’t belong to Aegis Translation. I have no idea why they hosted that project on their website (the project didn’t progress after that).
    So the fact that Aegis announced that they discontinued this project after C&D order (as mentioned on encubed before) didn’t mean anything.
    This is the main page of project:….01&postcount=2

    And the current progress update:….55&postcount=1

    The translator has decided to continue working on this project after his entrance examination.

    P/s: though the page is in vietnamese, this project is to translate the game to English, not Vietnamese 🙂

      • Wow, what a fast reply ^^
        We will be grateful if you mention the project in one of your post ’cause not many people know about it.
        BTW, did you get lots of lucky money on Lunar New Year ? :”>

      • No problem lol. I didn’t get much for new years though, only a little over a hundred dollars. That’s what I get from living far away from my relatives, I guess.

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