I thought this could be avoided!





Dense protagonist.


On a semi-related note, something Hiyo said while discussing love really proved to be interesting to me. I’m shortening it a bit though.

Hiyo: “In my mind…the basis of having high standards is keeping a distance from other people. Because they can’t build a close relationship with another being, because they don’t want to build a close relationship with another being… Even though there’s nothing besides a superficial relation, they still want closely connected emotions. So, naturally, their standards will be higher. Sometimes, one ends up chasing the manifestation of a fantasy, someone who couldn’t possibly exist. Then, it becomes a matter of pulling together factors benefit the person. It’s no longer about love, but ‘conditions’. Because, in situations like that, the event of ‘being attracted to another person’ isn’t occurring.”

This really interesting, because the subject of expectations has been on my mind ever since I read Eternal’s post a while ago. I can’t but feel like this is a writer’s message to the readers, and what he considers to be the nature of people who “love” the different parts of ACG. It’d be really ironic if that was true, since it would mean that he consider the relationship between his writing and the readers to be cheap, superficial, and harmful to the reader. But that’s probably just me going off into a tangent.

On a completely unrelated note, I know she warned us, but Harutsuge’s dere is STRONG. Very, VERY strong.


4 thoughts on “I thought this could be avoided!

  1. Interesting dialogue. You can probably swap the keyword with something else and it could apply to other things.

    I guess it’ll be a while before you encounter a non-dense protagonist.

    • I think that you could substitute “love” with any emotion, or at least any ‘intense’ emotion, but The rest of that paragraph seems to be pretty specific to interpersonal relationships.

      Also, it sounds like a very reasonable idea to me.

      • Agreed. I was thinking of the reference point of the other link with wish fulfillment, so I was thinking any emotion can be used. I should try reading that segment of the game and it’ll dawn on me.

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