I am back with news~

1) I am back from my trip (which was in Alberta, which is much too far for my liking). More on that later.

2) Koko ni iru yo is making me question why I don’t read shoujo manga more often. The girls are cute, the guys are cuter, the storyline’s sweet enough to rot teeth, and I have no idea why I stopped checking for updates when I first saw it.

You can’t read this manga without groaning and squealing, because some of the stuff is SO stereotypical and lame, but for some reason it gives out a good feeling. I was shipping for Teruxanyone, but them the guy with the glasses showed up. I have a soft spot for guys with glasses and now I have an irresistible urge to go read random shoujo manga with bishis with glasses which will do nothing other than kill my brain cells.

Don’t look at me like that. You’ve been there too. I know you have.

3) 3/4 of a million hits! Whooooooo~


13 thoughts on “I am back with news~

  1. I read that a few months ago! It was so adorable~ But for some reason, I really couldn’t stand the guy the girl ended up with. (Hinata? Himawari? Something like that…)


  2. Now I’m going to copy-paste a comment I posted a few minutes ago because it was on a very old post xD;

    Sorry for the comment on such an old post, but do you know where I could order artbooks? I purchased Pixiv Girls Collection 2010 from Anime Expo and absolutely fell in love with it. There’s such a difference between seeing the pictures on screen and on print.

    Unfortunately I might have to part with my Touhou mini-artbook because I bribed my sister with it so she would get me Pixiv Boys Collection.

    Oh, yes, and if it ships to China I don’t mind. (Are you mainland Chinese or Taiwanese?)

    • I live in Canada lol. It really depends on which type of artbook you want. I get a lot of mine through an actual store, although places like Amazon Japan is quite convenient for most things. You’re pretty lucky because you live closer to Japan. The shipping is cheaper when it’s to another part of Asia (which is why I always ask people to pick up artbooks for me when they go back).
      Taobao is a good place too (I think, it’s the only Chinese site I use, anyway), but you have to make sure that you’re buying the real thing, not knock-offs (which are dirt cheap but absolutely awful unless it was actually created in China).

      • Sorry, I assumed that you got stuff off of Chinese sites since you use Chinese patches for everything. ^^; Slightly stupid of me, haha.

        I probably don’t live any closer to Japan than you do. I have relatives living in Guangzhou who can receive it for me. My dad picks up whatever I ordered when he goes back.

        I didn’t knew Taobao had artbooks. Thanks~

        I was trying to avoid giving Amazon more money for their shipping prices, but I guess I have to…

  3. Hey, a trip’s a trip; at least you weren’t at home bored! (Which I was for a few days.)

    I’ve got to try Koko ni Iru. I’m generally a sucker for romances–and dramatic ones, at that. (Plus, that screenshot looks quite cute and dramatic.) I’m not sure about the bishi’s, though…XD

    And congrats on the 3/4 million hits! Your blog has come quite far.

    • Being on a trip can also be extremely boring. One day consisted of driving for over 10 hours, at the end of which I was more bored than I ever was in my entire life. There was NOTHING to do. NOTHING. TT.TT

  4. I think I rotted my brain long ago on stereotypical shoujo manga.

    Its like crack, you just can’t seem to stop.

    Lately I’ve been trying to regrow braincells by going back and reading the beloved Sherlock Holmes.

      I’m more of an Agatha Christie fan myself though(currently trying to work out the ending to Third Girls).

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