Naruto Chapter 500

I can pretty much sum up this chapter in one word. KAWAII!

We finally get to find out the details of Naruto’s birth. Chibi Naru-chan is so damn adorable! He probably gets it from his parents, Minato and Kushina are one damn cute couple and you can’t help but like Kushina.

Course Madara has to come spoil things at the end, since Kushina is the Kyuubi host and the seal that keeps him in is weakened whilst she gives birth.

Oh and Naruto wasn’t the only cute baby..

Isn’t chibi Sasu-chan cute! Pity he turns into a homicidal maniac bent on killing anyone in Konoha whether they had something to with his clans destruction or not…

For once I’ve been enjoying our little trip to the past. The chapter where Kushina tells Naruto she loves him is just precious. Naruto really deserves to have someone tell him that, to know that he’s cared for like that. I don’t think he’s heard it often enough and it was such a sweet moment, and so sad, that Naruto never got to meet his mother until now.

I was going to summarize all that’s gone on in my absence, but eh. If you read this and follow Naruto you’ve probably already read it anyway and well, I’m lazy! 😛


9 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 500

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  2. Hmmmmm You know I was hoping that Madara had been telling the truth about the attack on Konoha because that would have made him more interesting of a antagonist instead of the crazy homicidal person we see him as now…

  3. Oh hark the angels did soar,
    Something something meaningful church choir or American national anthem or something,
    Something something God save us,
    Something something SAKURA MADE A NARUTO POST.

    • I know, I know. Blame my love of old mystery novels this time.

      Thankfully the hiatus has not been health related this time.

      Although hubby and I think we should contest the results, since they came back saying he and I are genetically normal!

  4. @ maggeh, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? You should totally chat with Riex, he’s learning Korean right now.

    So why are you in Korea. Better still I promise to be on aim tonight, so get online and tell me!

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