Choux has no motivation for anything…



Choux has lost all will to play the eroges on her computer (Ayakashibito’s annoying, phantom intergrated has weird art, Kirakira’s just ugly, same with 3days, the girl in Swan song has the most unbearable voice Choux has ever heard, ditto for Hoshizora no Memoria, although it’s not as bad, it’s too summery for chaos;head, DCPC is too long for its own good on top of being old and ugly, and Kusarihime…

… Choux might be able to get used to it, but she doesn’t want to.

On the other hand, it IS the only game with a sound track/casting that she actually likes… (Ayakashibito and Tayutama has taught her the values of a non-annoying soundtrack)

Choux also has absolutely no interest in the summer season and doesn’t feel like catching up on her backlog. Aoibungaku is too depressing, baka test is only good for Hideyoshi, bakemonogatari lags, boogiepop phantom is out of the question until she finishes the novel, which may or may not be delievered in 2 months time, canaan is just stupid, darker than black lags, Elfin lied is too depressing, same with Kaiba, Kuranai looks weird, Noir looks old, Paranoia Agent looks weird, Seraphim call looks old, Lain sounds too depressing, and Durarara lags.

She also has no motivation to draw because she’s too burned out from drawing some commissions and Sepia tears CGs. She has no motivation to listen to music because then her OCD will kick in and she’ll go on a mad dash to get album art, find composers, get lyrics, and organize her music. Which is hard because so much of it is completely obscure/comes from nico nico douga.

Choux has no motivation to study because she’s getting a 97 anyway, she has no motivation to read because “My name is memory” was such a kick in the gut (IF YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE A TRILOGY OUT OF THIS, WARN PEOPLE ABOUT IT! THIS HAS A CRAP ENDING!). She can’t play with her pets because they have fleas and she’s already gotten bitten 10 times already, she doesn’t want to go outside because there’s sun, trying to get friends together is impossible for the week because for some reason or another, everyong has conflicting plans.

And there’s nothing she can blog about so she’s writing this. Choux thinks it’s weird that she’s referring to herself in third person, but she thinks this might be a good thing to do from now on.


Maybe it’s not TOO bad outside…


30 thoughts on “Choux has no motivation for anything…

  1. You can’t go outside! What kind of otaku are you? To go outside because you’re bored! No thank you! If I go outside it’s to do something equally nerdy, like get fantasy books from the library or play D&D.

    My proposed solution? Shoujo romance (not smut). It doesn’t ever lag because it’s manga and because you always get exactly what you expect. If you don’t like that aspect of shoujo then you don’t read it. I have never once been surprised with boredom by a non-smut shoujo romance.

    Also, Aroe is totally a side character, and I’m pretty sure you can toggle voices in Swan Song (Don’t remember; I already finished it and deleted it from my computer).

    Or you could read a book.

    • Nonononono, I was completely sick and tired of shoujo manga. Watashi ni xx shinasai was like a shining beacon of light restoring my love for shoujo manga and I don’t want to read something that would change my opinion again for a while.
      Unfortunately, Swan song isn’t an option heavy game. If you turn off Aroe’s voice, you have to turn off everyone else’s voice…

      …The library is too far for me to get a book to read… it’s an entire 15 minutes away by bike! I’ll die in the sun before that!…TTATT

  2. No, if you go out you’ll be sunburned like me…laze around and sleep until you get bored of that. Then you’ll be desperate to do anything else!

  3. Well, have you watched Toy Story 3 yet? It’s pretty good.
    Fighting against yourself in Touhou Hisoutensoku is an alright time waster.
    Trolling is quite fun once in a while.

    • Hmm… I haven’t tried Touhou yet. This might be interesting.

      Trolling…well… I haven’t seen anything I want to troll about for a while now, maybe when I get the insipiration~

    • Hmm… I haven’t tried Touhou yet. This might be interesting.

      Trolling…well… I haven’t seen anything I want to troll about for a while now, maybe when I get the inspiration~

  4. Paranoia Agent is pretty genius (so is most stuff by Kon Satoshi). Though after episode 9 it’s pretty much a 4-episode-straight-mindfuck so be ready for that I guess? Canaan is good for prettily-animated action scenes and general over-the-top-ness; you just have to turn your brain off while watching. Also, totally worth it for the taxi driver.

    For this season, go watch Occult Academy.

  5. Play Eternal Fighter Zero with me. 😛 Well, point being is that perhaps a mixer of content would be amusing.

    I didn’t know you had done commissions. Well actually you did point that out before, so nevermind.

    I did want to ask you about posture advice when determining character pose. I finally got around to drawing (er tracing first since my lining and dimensions are out of sync), and then I noticed while the face is fine being the most defining feature, everywhere else is rather questionable. It’s easy to judge proportions, it’s hard to procure them.

    Right now there is a bit of stagnation, can’t really think of what to do to get out of it other than let the time pass by. I personally went on a convention and spending spree. Though now the items sit near me and I don’t know what to do with it.

    Perhaps read a light novel? All your examples contain visuals. Something of a dire contrast to what you’re currently doing.

    • I’ll die within 10 seconds in any fighter game 🙂
      Well, I guess it’s not really commissions, since I’m not getting any money out of it (wait, why isn’t there a wry smile smiley?)
      I always get stuck with postures too (seems like I’ve been the same 3 poses for 6 months now, or something orz). A good idea might to stalk people on DA? My next post should help with that.

      …light novel…hahahaa…..
      …not until I work up the courage to finishi Bungaku shoujo…

      • Stalk me on DA … oh wait I never uploaded anything. Tracing isn’t art.

        I was going to suggest writing (easy for me to say since I have that never-ending fanfiction that I’ll never get around to finishing.) Since you are writing on a blog already it’s not like you’re not procuring words.

        Does an RPG work? I’m just trying to think of things that are of a dire contrast and don’t necessarily use great mind power. I wouldn’t suggest card deck building which I consumed much time on.

        It looks like you tried laughing hysterically already. My point being that perhaps think of something arbitrarily amusing that was thought about at the wrong time and burst out laughing.

        We need another trap! Well, you already played H2O and recent games haven’t procured a trap at the level of the year 2005 – 2008 ones.

        Yeah I call this saturation, or stagnation. Honestly since I work I have fewer hours of this issue. Part of work motivation was to reduce possible boredom.

        Touhou isn’t a bad attempt. It’s a nice dire contrast and it’s not like you’ll get too hooked (or if so, well that’s fine too.) Personally since I like combination fan made games (mixing two or more series together, like EFZ being visual novel girls in a fighting game), touhoumon was most amusing (touhou characters battling in a pokemon system).

        On a random note you didn’t go to Anime North (could be the wrong area of Canada)? (Convention was my temporary solution. Got a big kick out of just two days.)

      • I WISH I went, it sounds awesome. Too bad I’m in Vancouver and stuck with Anime evolution. I went the year before and I didn’t like it much… Since then I swore that I wouldn’t pay to go there again and would only go if I won the mascot contest and got the free pass. The only problem is that I forgot to enter last time (when most of the entries were absolutely awful and I was SURE I could have won something, unlike the year before where 1 really good image pretty much snatched up all the votes). I’ll be trying this year though.

        As for DA… (sends positive drawing energy, jiiiiiiii…….) You know, when you google Amoirsp, the first thing that shows up is Baka tsuki, then this, then your DA account lol.

        I don’t think that RPGs are a good idea. They are a giant sinkhole for time. I’m just trying get something that will shift my perspective a bit so I can work efficiently again.

        Oh, by the way, do you think a cat can tan?

  6. Good to know. Yeah, being on one side of Canada flying to another is a bit hefty of an expenditure. I still don’t know how convention regulars fly to and attend multiple conventions during the year. I used the least expensive methods and my budget still exploded.

    (receives positive drawing energy from choux) . You know, when you google Choux, as you mentioned before, the pastry comes first, then this. The baka tsuki thing was from editing clannad which I was fond of doing in 2007. This appearing you already know why, as you know I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and doing brief discussions. The DA account was intended to tell another DAer my full appreciation of a commission I requested (nothing beats a good drawing of a #1 favorite character) and to explore other commission possibilities (and of course, draw.

    What’s the general opinion of tracing? Going from scratch makes me cry since I don’t follow the basics of drawing a face (with the 1/4 thing and ear position and all), but tracing at least I can be amused and then implement variation from there. Tracing is not drawing, but I need a sample base to stem from or the dimensions are way too rigid (aka no focal point). Unsure with art terms. I would like to discuss with you further on these concepts and terms.

    Let’s not go with RPGs. I practically tried out Final Chronicle yesterday which you already beat but then I’m like, I don’t know what’s going on and it’ll eat time. Touhou can shift perspective, unless you’re trying to master and fully complete it, then … no. Shift perspective, definitely.

    I don’t think a cat can tan similarly to a human, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try. 🙂

    Chat with your readers to procure more ideas. Something will pop up. I’ll brainstorm some more ideas but this is all I can think of for now.

    • Whoa, I made it onto the second page in google! Yesssss!

      The general opinion of tracing isn’t that good if you’re presenting is, but when it comes to just practice, it’s often encouraged. I personally don’t care for it. It’s much better practice to just look/copy. I don’t really know much about the 1/4 thing either, although people mention it all the time. Art terms is like a whole other language to me lol. The odd thing about drawing is that people can explain how to draw all they want, but all I can get out of it is little technical shortcuts (like keyboard shortcuts for CGs) and not much on actual drawing advice. Is that the same way with you?

      As for the convention people… Just…wow. To take that much dedication and money…

      • Oh excellent, I shall trace plenty. Can’t whip out a good design without practice (or … natural talent which I don’t have). Didn’t make progress but I shall make a goal to draw the most beautiful Yakumo Hamaji.

        Honestly I haven’t gotten around to asking people on artistic pointers. However, I’m sure that every artist has at least a base in mind and can at least imagine what they’re trying to draw (and thus you have that general human sketch to draw faces correctly and all because you really can’t position body parts like eyes and ears too out of correlation)

        Of course for now I’m aiming only at sketches. It makes lead more interesting and I have not delved into any coloring or using ink yet. I did consider buying copic markers and that computer device that literally lets you draw and have the result show on screen, but that’s a better purchase if I were either an art major or really into drawing art. I’ll stick with tracing for now, it’s quite fun. I need to actually procure a finished drawing, but all I have is a Yume trace. The face is fine and then the rest is questionable.

        Expenditures at conventions are fine as long as the item gotten is cherished and enjoyed, then it doesn’t matter, especially when it’s really periodic.

        Oops ended up playing final dragon chronicle. So much for any of that.

      • Mmm, I’m not much of a believer in talent, because that would mean that the hard work put in wouldn’t be recognized.

        I don’t know what I’m drawing half the time myself, but maybe I’m not a good example? lol

        I would suggest that you buy supplies when you actually want to use it. I bought a tablet over a year before I was actually using it regularly.

        Have fun collecting the books (wink wink)

  7. Go outside and have fun. That’s an order. ^.^

    (And I don’t usually have too much motivation either…I mean, being lazy is just so good…
    As for studying: why would that ever be a viable option in the summer? ;D)

  8. I feel sorry for Durarara, and Choux who can not watch it because of her old computer = =
    Be happy that mahoutsukai no yoru is coming out. At least you can drool = =

  9. I find the girl on the first image sooooo cute.
    I tried googling “Choux”,didn’t find anything about this blog because it also means “cabbage” in french lol.I think that was stupid of me.

    I think Choux should try plants vs zombies, a refreshing tower defense game ,but yeah it’s addicting so Choux will loose a lot of hours.

    Choux could also watch old nice series like Simoun.Dunno why I thought about this first.

    • I’m on the second or third page. It’s hard to see, but it’s there!
      I’ve always had this thing against Simoun though, I don’t know, everything on that show disagreed with me, from the plot to the art to the music.
      As for the zombies, let’s just say Uraniwa ni Zombies ga is one of the most epic songs to ever be sang…

  10. What books. o_O I can’t read, you know.

    Yeah a tablet did come to mind. It’s easiest to try something when you at least get the item. (I need to … figure out what to use my new computer first though. I didn’t want to use it for gaming but … all the parts say otherwise.)

    Need to re-motivate myself as well. Good luck Choux.

    • Ah. Well, there are books available for sale in the shop. Depending on the money you’re willing to shell out, there are 3 types of books you can get. The cheapest type allows you to capture a monster when it’s damaged (~90%, I think?). The most expensive one captures at 50% damaged (I think). They’re only good for some monsters though.

      They’re good for 3 reasons:
      1) Sometimes you’re half dead and your healer’s gone. Capturing the monster automatically stops it, and gives you all the exp and drops.
      2) The books with monsters sealed in them can be used as equipment, really nice equipment
      3) the main reason that (I think) a lot of players collect the books is that when you capture a monster, CGs show up. As for the nature of the CGs… I’m pretty sure you can guess. (It’s Leaf. They know what they’re selling and they go at it).

      I see nothing wrong with just using your computer for gaming. How else are you going to use it to its full potential? BTW, can your computer play the other games that came with FDC? They won’t play on mine at all.

      • I’m using my laptop. I really ought to move it over. As to answer your question, it’s certainly functional. I have no idea what’s going on or what is being said, but it certainly functions.

        Since I couldn’t read, I couldn’t tell what was a book, or what any of the items do. I guess I could run it in Chinese and use a much better guess. (Actually I still don’t know what’s what, and I definitely want to avoid potions.)

        And then I was going to advance classes but I don’t know how the tree works.

        Oh the idea of not gaming on the new computer is to not use it to game more (but rather study more, read more, resource more.) My actual intention was to use its stronger properties for easier multitasking. It lacks files, so I’ll figure it out. It’s for scoping for the next few years but I need to figure out what I want to do first.

        In the end it’s still going to be used for gaming so I might as well stop denying.

      • Oh yeah Final Dragon Chronicle is that dungeon crawling stuff you reviewed not so long ago, I totally forgot about it, I will certainly try it someday.For dungeon crawling I’m already playing Etrian Odyssey 2 on nnintendo ds.

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