And so I stalk…

In Choux’ lethargy, she decided to update her deviantart page, where for some reason or another she decided to check up on Huke. Choux can’t remember why. Anyway, searching Huke comes up with a lot of things, one of which was this absolutely gorgeous image by supercynic:

Now, what’s also interesting is that Huke seems to be a stalker of Redjuice. He has 2 pages of favorites and most of it if from him.

Isn’t that pretty? Anyway, Choux is not surprised that they are fav-ing each other (redjuice has some of Huke’s stuff too), but Choux has to wonder if they met through drawing for Ryo/Supercell or something else…

He also seem to like drigzabrot, who does a lot of stuff on weapons, robots, and things like that. Refreshed (words can’t describe how Choux is sick and tired of cell coloring and generic bishoujo fluff blah-ness), Choux decided to flip through Redjuice’s faves and make a post on it.

That, and lament over how Miku clashes with the background in this image.

Now, let’s start at the very beginning (be warned, this is a very long post and very time consuming if you’re the type that feels the need to “collect” artists (like Mefloraine, or Choux).

First up, we have  a haunting image from Kidchan, a Malaysian artist that Choux has mentioned before.  Kidchan is a fantastic artist in all respects, however Choux really doesn’t like how most of her gallery is “in storage”. This also seemed to spread to a friend of hers, Kunisaki, whose art Choux absolutely adores.

You can still stalk her on her blog though. Choux absolutely loves this (she does a lot of Hetalia stuff and they’re all awesome).

But that’s just Choux going off in a tangent, the focus is still on Kidchan! Choux will never get tired of those beautiful patterns and colors…

Elsevilla is an artist that looks at the sexier side of things. This drawing is named “eternal war”, which Choux didn’t understand until she read some of the comments:

“*Aikurushii-Lulu May 5, 2008 :D I like this, my boyfriend plays WOW alot so I can relate

=elsevilla May 5, 2008 im so so sorry in your lost

~shellmonster May 5, 2008 lol my fiancee plays WOW too – and i ended up just saying : “Hey, if you can’t ’em, join ’em!”
So I play now too. :P

~Wataru2001 May 6, 2008 I won’t touch Wow. LOL. I like being married.

~HinataxNarutoice May 6, 2008 well, some people get addicted some dont, some can stand up, some cant. that’s life XD

~ko-hi-ga-ru May 6, 2008 Lol, My ex played wow, and if I knew to go to a movie at 9pm, I would tell him to pick me up at 6:30, because I knew that because of wow he would be there to pick me up at 8:30 and that would be perfect timing. :D

~EqualibriumX May 6, 2008

Hah, when I started playin over a year ago, my girlfriend and I purchased our copies at (retail outlet). We walked up to the checkout and I laid my copy down. The cashier eyes us, then leaned over to my girlfriend and whispered “You know this is a relationship killer, right?” So my girlfriend laid her copy down next to mine.A year later, we’re both 70 and feelin fine :D

For everything I’ve heard, do it together or break it off now ;P It’s like having a child if you’re both doing it, it’s like cheating if it’s only one of you…”

…And so it goes on. Looking back, this is quite a poignant theme, is it not? Although Choux is sure at least one reader is looking at this and going, “Girlfriend?” with a choked expression…
iammovanis an artist of vivid brush strokes, moment with power.The above image is has a 1 word comment by the artist: wind. And Choux agrees that it feels refreshing, light, and transient, like the movement of air that we’re all so familiar with.
Choux’s favorite image from the artist has to be this one though. Maybe it’s because it reminds her of Panamaman so much. No matter what, this image feels gentle, yet cruel, with the man faded and eaten away by the whiteness, separating from the girl.
One of the reason that Choux likes the art of Namito111, well, the reason that she likes a lot of drawings she likes, is the fact that the characters seem to glow.
The coloring isn’t extremely detailed, in fact, it’s pretty chunky, but that just makes Choux like them even more。
A bit more skipping later, one comes across Dorset, an artist whom Choux holds mixed opinions about…
Choux really likes her gorgeous and hot bishis, but never when they are colored.
And Choux really likes some of the rougher drawings like the one above, but they all look pixelated…
Choux has raved about her before and shall refrain from doing that now. (seriously though, SO PRETTY!)
Endling is an “arting starvist”, and Choux loves his comics, even though none of them are really finished.
Choux’s favorite of his stories is “Ever after”, a dark spin on classic fairytales. Glodilocks and Pinocchio are SO CUTE. Every scene is filled with movement and energy, and the various weapons and monsters that show up everywhere are both terrifying yet adorable at the same time~
Ara, it’s only been 3 pages? There’s still 7 to go? Choux guesses that she has spent a little too much time reading the comics, it’s already been hours… Anyway, continuing on…
Arsenixc is an absolute master at drawing backgrounds. You should be sick and tired of that now, but Choux absolutely loves it. The gentle lighting, the delicate details, the textures, the everything. For those who see this as familiar, this is a background drawn for A certain Russian VN project, you can find the English site here.

To be frank, Choux couldn’t care less about the character art, but the backgrounds are absolutely breathtaking in her eyes.

Hellobaby is an artist that focuses on the lineart, putting very little emphasis on the colors. Usually, the coloring is little more than some light shading, but the patterns and the clothing are very intricate (although sometimes overwhelming). This is one of the few illustrations which has strong, vibrant colors, and Choux thinks it works quite well.

Gimei is an artist that plays around a lot. And by that Choux means she always tries different things with each image, and one never knows exactly what to expect.

Quite a range, ne? Choux really likes the bird with the bear~

Meisan is a artist that feels very delicate, somehow. The little details seem gentle, but transient, almost as if they aren’t even there.

A witch from Enpitsu~ Choux really loves the bloomers, but one has to wonder…is that a cat with a real pumpkin on its head, a cat with a fake pumpkin on its head, or a cat with a pumpkin for a head? The first 2 must be very uncomfortable.

Seems like he loves witches? He doesn’t focus on backgrounds much, but his characters always has an uplifting feel, with fun and fantastical clothes and accessories.

Mmmm…. Kaninnvven… She needs a full post, yup, definitely too awesome for just a few sentences and 2 pictures. Also a rabid Chinese-speaking vocaloids fan. How much more awesome can someone get?

Anyway, she also linked to Nisoniso, whose art Choux is drooling over right now… (so many bishis, so little time)

Yooani is an artist that Choux has been stalking for a while now. This is one of Choux’s favorite images, and also the cover of a novel. The point of the cover is to entice the would-be reader, and in this case, Choux is 100% interested!

Yooani doesn’t post fully colored works often. Instead, it’s often these kinds of polished and clean pencil drawings that makes one question whether or not it IS drawn with a pencil, it’s so impeccably neat.

I spy with my little eye… Miku, and Kaito, and Meiko, and Gumi, and Rin, and Gapuko, and Len, and Black Rock Shooter! Can’t name the rest though, anyone care to help?

KYMG is an artist that Choux has been following unconsciously for a quite some time, ever since she saw the main page at Pirez. She forgot about it soon after though.

Then, Choux saw an episode of Speed grapher, quickly forgetting about that too. It wasn’t until today that Choux realized “OH! So THAT’s the guy who drew the cover for that Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto song! What? THAT was his artbook? I saw that in the store! Why didn’t I buy it? Oh WOW, he designed “No more heroes”? Seriously? It’s all the same person?”

It’s funny how the world works, isn’t it?

Asuka111 is an artist whose works DEMAND attention. Choux doesn’t like his happier works as much, but the darker ones, overflowing with emotion, are simply breath taking.

Something about the above image reminds Choux of Range Murata, somehow…

And of course, we have HUKE. You should end with what you start, right? And of course, this edition of Black Rock Shooter is AMAZING~ Choux wonders if he ever thought that this one little character would do so much when he first doodled her out. Looking at the timeline, it might even be said that one of the main reasons that Huke became the designer for Steins;Gate was due to BRS’s success! Speaking of which, Steins;Gate is getting a PC port, and the release of the Chinese edition is imminent! The best news is: Choux is now completely refreshed and full of ideas on what to draw next (which is the main reason that she has made this post so much shorter than planned).

Choux hopes that you are feeling refreshed too (she knows that some of you are suffering from the same feeling of saturation and stagnation she was in). Please drop a comment if you think there are more artists that Choux should be stalking ^.^


23 thoughts on “And so I stalk…

  1. Off topic but,

    I hear you entered the AE mascot contest! I went to AE last year for the first time and the mascot contest put me in despair. There has to be better artists hiding in Vancouver, yet, for our only convention, the contestants suck orz. 2009’s contest was made up of only one good one which sucked all the votes up, not much of a competition either.

    So I ended up entering five mascots, hoping to win, to provide variety, and to lure out the talented for next year; one of them was the bow girl you drew a fanart of, albeit modified a bit.

    • Whoa, you can sent 5 entries? I remember that there was a limit on 2 before… Anyway, my entries are still in my head. There’s still 10 days, right? Ehhehhehhhh……

      • They have no limit as long as they’re different enough. It’s a good thing my range is not limited to kimonos only, like most of last year’s contestants. 😀

        Haha, better get cracking, draw them all and enter it all! Flood the contest with quality drawings so it’ll feel more like a contest. Hopefully produce some more interest in the contest with the two of us entering.

        Maybe we’ll run into each other if you’re going to attend AE. Finally get the meet the mysterious bishoujo called Choux?

      • Okay… Whew…. breath… I CAN DO THIS!
        I probably won’t be going to AE this year for various reasons, but I’ll definitely be there next year. It’d be interesting to meet another person in person (my current image of you is a wall, by the way).

      • I don’t think hosting it at UBC is a good idea, which is what they’re doing this year, they tried it for 2008 and I don’t think it was that successful.

        I’m interested in meeting up if not this year then next. One very close friend in Vancouver I also met online, originally, and then in person after I moved here. We also started with talking about the artistic side of anime/manga haha.

        If by wall you mean the 4 things that makes a square room a room, then I hope I’m at least a beautiful brick wall, as long as I don’t have any ugly wallpaper all over me I’m happy. 😀

      • Well, see, your nick is “rooked”, right? And rook in chess is one of those castle corner thingies, so that’s the visual impression I have of you. Is that weird?
        I didn’t think UBC was a good idea either, I MUCH prefer SFU.

  2. Started reading from Google Reader, saw the note about it being time consuming for collecting artists, opened it on the blog itself. xD

    Ahh, this post makes me wonder if I should really follow artists both on Pixiv and DA. But then I watch them anyway.

    The problem with dA is that it’s kind of a pain to navigate around and remember who the good artists are. Saaa.
    Or to see who you’re already stalking. (Because I like my bishies with color!)

    Okay, that’s enough surfing dA at midnight for me.
    I kind of want to make a post like this.

    • I have yet to decipher enough moonspeak to find out how to follow artists on pixiv lol Would you write a tutorial for that? Pretty please with sparkly sugar on top?

      Let’s see…
      Already stalking…
      Already stalking…
      Not a fan of the style…
      Will be stalking now (delicious~)…
      Will be stalking now!

  3. Although I have no artistic analysis, the images you point out today seem to emphasis something along the lines of either vibrant color, or watercolor. The designs are very impressive. Seems like a level of art that I don’t often venture through (due to visual novel general designs). Thus I cannot fully grasp the power enthralled in the color’s energy.

    This makes me wonder if you utilize other art concepts [me still bad with any terminology] such as watercolor or digitalizing. I usually enjoy sketches, and/or coloring that comes across after sketching, but venturing through digitalizing or using watercolor is an equation I cannot begin to fathom. Breathtaking so to say, but also too unfamiliar to realize the true essence.

    On another note it looks like you’re still suffering from lack of motivation, thus the stalk, hence you’re still writing in third person. Let’s create something! *goes off to draw Hamaji*. I set part of tonight to do so, I should begin and get closer to finishing instead of never getting around to doing it. Then I’d like you to teach me how/where to upload!

    • Well… For some reason or another I just can’t draw Hamaji…He always ends up looking odd… I have no idea where to upload things other than deviantart though (and that’s pretty straightforward, just click submit).

      I don’t think that terminology is required to appreciate something. You said yourself that you think they are impressive, as far as I can tell, it’s good enough. Analyzing something to death with lots of jargon isn’t always a good thing, right? As for the watercolors, I have to say that I don’t feel the same way. If it’s just in terms of the textures in the brushes, a few does have a water-color like quality, but I always think of watercolors as light and airy, kind of pale, and most of these images don’t feel like that in my mind.

      Can’t wait to see your Hamaji!

  4. Oh, you tried drawing him? Wow just knowing that alone is awesome as it is. (I too have this issue regarding him looking odd.) I’ll use deviantart then. Yay for traces. Maybe I’ll try drawing a different grey hair colored character that appears even less than Hamaji, who isn’t really that rare, but the base design for Emiho Mutsu is by Nishimata and there’s like … no pictures to look at.

    No it’s not that terminology is required, but it’d be nice to appreciate the art for what it’s actually trying to convey. No need for a literary analysis, but art certainly goes beyond “oh that looks good”. Maybe a term or two would be good, like knowing lines and shading. Art varies, but I can’t be too oblivious!

    *is failing to draw* I’ll try after my class tomorrow by printing a sca-ji drawn image as a base. Unlike Yume I can’t find a good base picture to look at (except that pink school swimsuit one … if I see it correctly). I didn’t realize long flowing hair is more difficult than short hair ahh. We’ll see if I have time this weekend. Takes forever to set time on my desk to draw.

    • Yes, there’s a link there too lol~ I really don’t like it when I can’t find a proper picture of characters when I’m doing fanart, I worry that I’m going to end up drawing someone completely different.

      • Hm yes I’m suffering from that effect too. Well, tracing reduces that issue but I also do feathering effects.

      • Oops I meant “feathering”. It’s where you’re trying to draw one stroke but due to inexperience (or shaky hands) there’s multiple strokes along the same line. Therefore the intended one long stroke looks like 20 small strokes and looked rugged/rigid.

        So I just need more definitive strokes. Long hair like in Hamaji’s case is not easy, as I have never drawn (fanart-wise) a character whose hair length goes past the neck or shoulders.

  5. Personally I was already a fan of redjuice, but I’m glad to see you introduce all these different artists. As usual, really enjoy reading your blogs.

  6. I recently got a new laptop. My computer died and deleted artist-stalking bookmarks folder. Cue me spending more than an hour trying to find everything again. (Yes, I am a loser.)

    Lots of Deviantart artists this time, huh? It’s very nice to know that there ARE people that don’t draw Sonic furries there. I’m going to stalk them now.

    And YES. Background porn.

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