I don’t know how to fix this! Explorer won’t start, along with a bunch of other things like youtube and stuff…

UPDATE (from another computer): It’s not IE that’s not working, it’s explorer. As in the thing that you use to open file folders and keep your system going. When I said Youtube, I meant flash was screwed up too. I tried to update the dll, because at that point the system was still kind of use-able. That was a BAd mistake, because now my entire system is srewed up and frozen. Explorer is working just fine, for all of 1 second, after which it freezes, turns off, then restarted itself again, turning off any applications in the process, making my computer a useless piece of crap. If there’s SOMEBODY, ANYBODY that can help me with this, It’s greately appreciated, and I mean REALLY.

Damn it, if this is all because of Touhou, I’m NEVER touching another game again.

UPDATE 2: Everything’s fine now, although the computer is running a bit slower than before. I’ll have to format and re-install soon, but that can wait a while at least. Thanks for the advice, everyone.


18 thoughts on “Somebody……HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I had the same error once but it was for a game (Touhou). A dll file was also missing.
    Maybe you removed it by error, because it must have there before. You just have to download it and put it in the win32 folder i think …
    Hope this helps

    • …facepalm…

      That comment aside, can you please stop putting half our posts on your site? I tried to leave you a comment, but there was never any reply.

  2. If your task manager still works, you may simply run ‘iexplore.exe’, download desired dll ( ), save it at your ‘windows\system’ directory. Then, unzip and replace the existing corrupted file with a new one. Theoretically, explorer itself will not be needed for such an operation.

    If you have original installation cd, as alternative you may try using ‘System File Checker’ utility.

      • I see. Then, before the Great Calamity, you’ve overwritten both files in /system and /system32, i presume? If so, then you may either try another version of WININET.DLL or use install disk with sfc tool for ‘painless’ recovery. The latter option is the best, of course, if you do have the wretched disk (or means to load an emulated image of one, in such a pitiful state of your system).

  3. Well, purportedly, there’re but two versions of this dll on the internet: on dated 2001, the other – 2004. I suggest you try this one:

    Either way, downloading system components from different obscure resources is not a very bright idea.. Just saying – sometimes it helps.

    In the end, i really do advice using good old ‘sfc /scannow’

  4. I would not recommend downloading .dlls and randomly putting them into places you don’t understand. In any case, the most likely problem is that a virus infected the Wininet.dll. The best solution that you have is to find your XP Install discs (I hope you still have them), boot them up, and choose the “repair” option. That should work.

  5. Since you didn’t state your version of windows I will go with the assumption that it is windowsxp. your symptoms sound suspiciously like the work of a virus. You should consider using windows system restore or failing that try some of the things mentioned here.

  6. What did you pick from touhou? Not once did I encounter something that causes that but I hope that’s not the case.

    Sorry I can’t help with this situation. ><

    • The first commenter mentioned encountering something similar through Touhou. I haven’t really used any other newprograms recently so it looks good for it.

  7. Glad things seem to be working somewhat now. Been lots of issues lately.

    I’m still using Firefox on my comp since I didn’t update to 3.6.6

    So it still runs fine. The laptop and hubby’s comp did an automatic update and now it won’t run on either of their comps so we’re having to use Chrome to browse the interweb on those comps.

    I tried IE7 I did, I hated it and it was sooooooooo slow compared to FF and Chrome.

  8. If you just suddenly cannot log onto your computer one day, it’s almost always one of the three things: hard drive, memory, or spyware.

    In this case, since you mentioned you downloaded and installed something before it happened, I believe is possibly a spyware issue. If possible, restart the computer and keep pressing F8 to bring up the boot menu and select “safe mode with networking.” Once you log in, download Malwarebytes, update, and run a full scan on the system drive. Alternatively, you can take out the hard drive and scan it on another computer or format the hard drive if there’s no important data.

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