Aww, that’s just-

Geez… Did you have to do that, Liam? Did you HAVE to? Especially after THIS…

Anyway, chapter 51 revealed some interesting things about the baskervilles, namely the fact that they were unrelated people “chosen” by the abyss and gathered together.

What I thought was interesting, however, was Lily’s apathy when it came to killing people. In the flashbacks, you could see that Lotti was shocked at Glen’s orders, and that the murders had haunted her and changed her. This is mainly because I just finished reading Zaregoto 2 though, since the protagonist of that series is a sociopath of the highest order. I wonder if this kind of attitude is proof that a person’s child-like, or proof that a person isn’t child-like any longer…

On a non-related note: someone REALLY doesn’t want me to try Rewrite.


3 thoughts on “Aww, that’s just-

  1. Kind of ridiculous that a visual novel of all things requires pixel shader 2.0, but, on the other hand, it IS pretty visually impressive at times if your card can handle it…

    On the more political side, it’s also pretty ridiculous that an all-ages demo is being region-locked, but I digress. This is why programmers are useful : ). Mwahaha.

  2. Just read PH chapter 51. Holy crap did not see that one coming. Always thought of liam as someone that could never hurt another, but I guess when it comes to protecting his friends there isn’t anything he won’t do. Super excited for the next chapter. Curse these monthly releases!

  3. I can understand base games but I always thought trial versions were perfectly fair, since that’s why they’re trial versions … to be tried.

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