Rewrite, once again…

Two people burst into a room, then sees the girl sitting there…Then, inexplicably, the room turns bright, with no mention of anyone turning on the lights. Guy#1 is still shocked, guy#2 hasn’t moved, and the girl is still sitting on the table.

Why? Why not just add in that one line? Why not just keep the characters in the dark? This was bugging me a bit in Little Busters too, , as the CG where Komari falls was drawn in a bright setting, but the events before and after are all set in the evening. It’s not just this though, all the art of rewrite is bugging me.

This looks bad. (THAT ARM…)
This looks worse (th-the…I give up, EVERYTHING).

This is… Well, she’s cute, but I hold something against physics defying+extremely straight pigtails.

There’s this kind of odd vibe surrounding the story too… something just isn’t right for some reason or another… At least the music and system are very well done? I guess?


12 thoughts on “Rewrite, once again…

  1. Interesting points. The commentary you make is rather amusing since the point is quite clear. Interesting that you mention vibes since ambiance is what I’d be looking at regarding Rewrite.

    • Hmm… I wouldn’t say so. Kanon, air, clannad, planetarian, Tomoyo after, little busters, Kud wafter, rewrite. That’s only 8 actual games, and rewrite hasn’t even been released yet. So, excluding the afters and rewrite, it’s only 5 core stories.
      On the other hand, I don’t know about core stories, but Alicesoft is on number 111 already, and it’s more than easy enough to find 50 other companies with more games.

  2. I’m still trying to find a torrent for the demo only xD;
    I heard it was good?
    As for the art… I got through Clannad. Hopefully I can do it again.
    The uniforms are ugh. Seriously. UGH.

    • I’m the opposite actually, the pink uniform is one of the only things I actually like about the art. The story is very random, but it’ll eventually pull itself together? I think? I hope?

  3. I’m kind of waiting on the full version before making any judgements on the story – even some long demos have given me completely wrong impressions – but I did notice that it was pretty easy to pick out three distinct writing styles, and since I’ve only read one of them, that might be part of the reason that some things seem a bit “off”.

    I think the art in general, though, was actually a pretty big improvement for Hinoue. Aside from those two characters, of course.

    But maybe it’ll turn out that she’s better at coming up with stories than drawing anatomically correct sprites. Heh.

    • Mmm… I would say that the coloring and whatnot has gotten better, but that just means the CG team is getting better. In terms of the basic art, I think this is a step down from Little busters.

      I’m actually really worried, because this feels closer to Little busters than the other Key series, and I really don’t want another little busters. But what did you mean by “only read one of them”?

      • *shrugs* I liked almost all of Kotori’s sprites and thought they were an improvement from what I’ve seen of LB, but then again that CG with Kotori at the podium wasn’t that good, so you might have a point : P.

        I meant that out of the three authors on the story I’ve only read Ryukishi’s works, so that I picked up three different writing styles could possibly mean that they might not be meshing as well as they could be. Actually, I probably should’ve said my main point – some of it was noticeably bland and generic (Chihaya in particular for me) compared to the better-written characters/scenes, and it kind of bothered me.

        Either that or I read far, far too much XD.

  4. Choux, it’s been a while since I asked you anything relating to visual novels. But I downloaded all of the Little Buster files. However, I was having installation issues. Like it installed, but it wouldn’t run. The one I downloaded was in Japanese, since you have more experience installing these, is there any settings you need to change to your comp to run VN?

  5. I really hope the full version of this VN can pull it together…I mean, it’s got Ryukishi07 and Romeo working on the scenario…or does that just mean it’s going to turn into another jumbled (disjointed) mess that was Little Busters?

  6. Wasn’t most of the good art from LB! actually drawn by Na-Ga anyway? But yeah since this time it’s only Itaru Hinoue working alone, I’m not getting my hopes up.

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