Completed, YAY!!!!!

Update 20: That’s it, I’m done, completed, hurray! Thanks to everyone who checked on this and commented! I’ve uploaded bigger versions at my DA account.

Update 19: Gah! Her skin is refusing to behave! Maybe I’ll just crop her legs. Yeah, that’ll probably be better.Update 18: Now, I hate it considerably less.

——————————————–day 6——————————————

I JUST REALIZED WHY I COUNTED THE DAYS WRONG. It was because I counted the days right. The deadline is on Monday at midnight, not Sunday like I had thought. Orz

Update 17: Why do I hate this image so much?

Update 16: It didn’t work the other 2 times, but I WILL HAVE DARK HAIR!Update 15: I have now confirmed my suspicions: I really don’t like drawing shorts.

Update 14: Whoa, how did the hair get so purple?

Some adjustments later, I realize the difficulty of drawing butterflies in the eyes, make them mingle, and still make it look like butterflies. I also realize how much I’m second guessing my decisions, such as having the patterns in gold instead of silver (which is what I’m leaning towards now).

I mean, the gold would suit green hair MUCH better, but we’re not allowed to have that.

The silver goes better with the purple hair, but that would mean clashing with the obligatory orange ribbon…

I hate rules.

——————————————–Day 5——————————————Update 13: I should be doing some singing right now. Or dancing. Alalala~ Now all I have to do is sleep and do some adjustments tomorrow~ Then, maybe I should finish up entry #2? Hmm…

Oh yeah, I should credit some people.I used patterns from Gimei, Hellobaby, and Solitary-stock. Oh, and the flowers on the collar and ribbon are also from another person on deviantart, but I can’t seem to find who… If anyone knows who made them, please tell me!

Update 12: Dark, light, dark, light, dark, light…


But seriously though, I need some feedback. The guidelines say “Entries with sex, violence or suggestive scenes will not be accepted.” I’m going to make a camisole under the Kimono, but I’m still a bit worried… Do you think this’ll be a problem?

Update11: I… I think I might be able to finish today… I can’t believe this. It’s turning a bit NSFW though, I wonder if it’ll be okay…

——————————————-day 4—————————————Update 10: I am PRAYING that I can finish this by tomorrow. Update 9: Whoa, I think this might be the most detailed lineart I’ve ever drawn. Why did so many things had to happen today? There’s no time to draw…

Crap, just realized I counted the days wrong.

—————————————–Date 2 3———————————————Update 8: not again… Update 7: Stuck. Can’t progress. Experiencing an inability to decide. I wonder if this is a love/hate relationship…

Well, there’s always entry #3…

Update 6: Ah, sometimes I really hate how real life gets in the way of things…

—————————————–day 1 2———————————————Update 5: Done. Until I look at this tomorrow and decide to fix the frills. Ah, I can’t look at this anymore! There are too many things to fix!

The second line art isn’t going that well…Something’s just off…

Update 4: Okay, I’m not going to touch this today again. Let’s see if tomorrow will be better…

I actually really like the blushing and eyes on this, so I’ll be shamelessly stealing some ideas… I love how awesome my readers are mua haha

Meanwhile, in another dimension:

Oh, hey there, entry #2, how you doing?

Update3: Guh, I’m resisting the urge to just hand it in like this…

Update 2: Coloring is a pain, ahahaha… Funny how a little thing can change the mood so easily, isn’t it?

Update: Somebody help me color this…

And I’m wondering why I’m even entering the AE mascot contest contest in the first place. I mean, it’s not like I have anything to sell even if I do manage to get the artist’s table, and that’s the main prize. Well, there’s also the fact that I don’t have anything to enter with yet. This page will be stickied and updated? I guess? Hopefully I can make an entry that I like? I guess?

—–what happened to day1? Seriously. I can’t remember anything. ——–

Ah, right. I was wasting time on 10 rough drafts I’m never going to color and rewrite.


30 thoughts on “Completed, YAY!!!!!

  1. That’s…
    Judging from last year’s entries, you could be able to win something. The good ones were great, and the bad ones were slightly horrendous. Good luck!

    • Oh, btw, the right hand (her right) looks a bit awkward.
      Actually, I’d shrink both the hands a bit and make the lineart thicker.

  2. It’s fun to spam your blog.
    Soft coloring usually doesn’t work too well for chibis.
    And clothes are very, very painful to color.
    I have too much time on my hands.

  3. 頑張って!加油!
    I really like the hair. What can I do to be of help, do you want to see the 13 I worked on? lol

  4. I will be honest the legs look too weird almost like a limp doll if that’s the look your are going for but I think her legs are a bit too wide from the shoulder.. hmm just my input hope it helps! ^^ otherwise though really cute I like the green eyes more than the black or blue..woot commented after a very long long time…

  5. Since I saw the post later, I saw the most recent update first, so I totally read the post wrong.

    I’ll just mention the eyes. The updates that had green eyes and blue eyes stood out as eyes you would see on an insect I believe (uh in one of those animated movies I guess). So, insect eyes.

    I don’t know eye density terms, but basically the eye format the original draft you had I believe had a different showing.

    … I wish I could term these better.

    Update 4 appears feasible, but is the hair bun supposed to be the hair bundled up or an accessory bundling the hair into buns?

    • I did the bug eyes on purpose because it was funny (I like to have the characters have weird expressions while I’m coloring). I really don’t understand what you mean by density and showing though. yes, those are actual hair being bundled up. Looks odd, doesn’t it? I don’t like drawing buns at all, but it’s the contest rules… Sigh…

      • It is funny. I totally didn’t expect it since I’d never seen that before, honestly.

        I think what I meant to say was the color darkness/hue. You know, you said yourself the coloring changes the mood quite a bit. Bright colors use more perkiness. Dark uses more … something else.

        It’s supposed to be a happy chibi right?

  6. So people were hogging my internet and TV; I decided to trace your chibi so I could colour it:

    Now I wish I entered a chibi as well. At any rate, I traced your chibi + minor changes and coloured her, I hope you don’t mind. I cut some corners on colouring though. 😀

    Now that I look closer I accidently coloured a piece of hair the ribbon colour. D:

  7. I might decide to join the coloring fun as well. As for what’s ‘off’ with the second line art, I think that the shoulders are a bit too far back for the position of the spine. Everything else seems to make sense.

      • Different people, different viewpoints. Isn’t it nice to see things from many directions?

        … wait that doesn’t help you on doing adjustments if almost every aspect is off in different viewpoints.

  8. Nice updates. Just curious, what factors into your decision for attire drawing?

    Your style seems consistent (flowy perhaps? Or maybe that’s because your update has … flowy hair wow my terms are not fathomable.)

    It wasn’t until last weekend when I learned that programs like sketchbook pro and photoshop has “layering”, which explains the different color schemes on the same picture (or variations of it). Otherwise I would have thought all the combination were all hand drawn which does not make as much sense.

    Good luck, get the victory!

  9. I’m not sure if this means anything, I hope it does, but I really like your drawing and I really enjoy looking at the progress works and sketches you posted. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  10. I think that is the pretties most complete looking drawing I have seen you draw!!! YAY mission accomplished now you just need to start drawing males *cough*…but seriously I think it looks awesome LOVE the purple hair!

  11. The finished product looks nice, high five = = You finally got it done.
    BTW I really like entry #2. I personally think that shorts are better than the dress. Color that too~

  12. personally, just personally. i like the light version more, i like how it matches the colors of her kimono instead of the contrasting one.

  13. I like the patterns in gold/orange, to match her ribbon.

    As for the butterflies, maybe not butterfly pupils, but butterfly light glares, that could be easier. Or not even butterflies, since they’re not really round, but a flowers. Don’t push yourself though and don’t forget about the deadline haha.

  14. Very nice updates. If you don’t like drawing shorts, what gave the idea of going about drawing it? I guess you wanted two different sets of attire but other than the attire pattern I can’t think of why. The shorts are short too, maybe it’s a dimensions issue? (Okay I really have no idea.)

    I find it amusing how your linearts have expression that somewhat display your mood while drawing it. It speaks a great volume.

    Well, I’ll keep checking back. I should just sleep now and try drawing later. Been putting it off too much due to higher priorities.

    I hope you enjoyed drawing. If you win, that’d be great. As a reader I found reading the updates and your commentary a fun adventure to read through this contest.

    • Well, you kind of get this feeling of “ah, this would look good here, wouldn’t it?” And then you put stuff in places. Then you realize that something that looks good in a rough draft doesn’t necessarily look good in the final version. Shorts are in that kind of a category. I’m not good at determining how much a pair of shorts should follow the curves of the body, so unless it’s a really skinny loli shorts always look odd in one way or another… orz

      And thanks, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside~

      • Hm yes I will fully agree that things that look good on a rough draft (or even a sketch) doesn’t necessarily look good in the final version. This dilemma makes it difficult to decide what to draw (or what to request to commission, like pose).

        Come to think of it, I have never seen shorts like those. The belt is sort of above it (that makes the shorts look even shorter)? If it exists, sure would like to know the name of those type of shorts.

        I definitely like the structure of the pose. Well, I don’t know if you’d call it structure. Your choice of pose is what I find stands out the most.

        Just curious, what’s the program that you use (if you use one that is)? I wonder about the workings, like, is it a rough draft on paper, then scanned, then worked from there for color inputs? I was considering getting some art tools, like that wacom drawing pad thing, or copic markers, or sketchbook pro, but my personal bad habit is getting the right/strong tools and like, not using them (or not intended, or not maximizing … ex: the new computer I have that has nothing installed). That and not having time to get around using it.

        Anyhow, let’s discuss this after the contest ends. I think you’ve had quite the adventure for the past week. Glad you’re feeling warm and fuzzy. You have my support, I will root for you from miles away.

      • Well, this contest is already finished for me, and I think I won’t be entering another, so you don’t have to worry about anything lol. Besides, commenting doesn’t take much time, PLUS it’s kinda relaxing.

        There MIGHT be a name for this kind of shorts, but I’ve never seen one in real life so I wouldn’t know.

        I tend to have sketches done in pencil, then finelined and colored in SAI. It’s a really useful program for JUST painting, it handles easily, and it doesn’t eat up too much ram/space/whatever. It’s also really user friendly (simple), unlike PS, which is excessively overwhelming (is there ANYONE who uses photoshop for all its functions? I can’t imagine that).

        I have the exact same problem as you when it comes to supplies. My advice is only get something if you know you’re going to use it. It’s vague and not really helpful, I know, but I’m not quite sure how to fix it on my end either lol.

      • How did I forget about SAI! Now that you mentioned it, you most definitely mentioned it, particularly in one of your older posts! (which also explains why the other programs never came to mind.) I’ll try the trial after a fix up some other things and use a good few days to draw.

        Ah, finelining was the key word. Sketching isn’t hard to attempt, but I was totally lacking what to do between the sketch and the color or editing.

        I guess I’ll see if I prefer drawing on the table or on the computer. (If I get around to doing either …)

        I know, I’ll stick with sketches for now because it’s hard enough to get the paper and pencil out, honestly. One step at a time. Thanks for the advice Choux!

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