Utakata Hanabi

AKA another ending to Naruto Sh-shii-something, can’t remember the name anymore. I didn’t like Sayonara sakura much, but this time, it feels like I’m on the same wavelength as supercell. Now, if only we had a video without those weird looking faces (like at 0:20 or 1:17). I was really surprised though. With all the jokes and jabs at how Naruto has a awful budget, this ending was actually pretty well animated.

The single is set to be released in a month, along with the ending song for Mahou tsukai no yoru, which quite a large number of people absolutely rabid for. As for me, well… I haven’t decided if I want to be looking forward to this yet, but it’s definitely a feast for the eyes (hurray for this guy). An interesting thing to note is that it’s going to be released on September 30th, the same day as the DVD for the Fate/Stay night movie (which I’m DEFINITELY holding mixed feelings about).

On a barely related note, for those who care about Type moon, do you think that a nuclear bomb can kill a servant?


4 thoughts on “Utakata Hanabi

  1. I love Supercell since Bakemonogatari I was quite happy when I heard some time ago they would do an ED for Naruto they’ll be even more famous

    Except for Kara no Kyoukai I’m not a really big TYPE moon fan so I can’t answer your question.
    Something unrelated Onemanga is closing

  2. No, a nuclear bomb cannot kill a servant…
    Servants are dead (except for saber). They are spirits. Nuclear bombs only kill living things…(I think).

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