Kouta Hirano makes me happy.

Well actually to be specific, the news of a new three part manga from him makes me happy.

ANN is reporting that he will publish Bishōnen de Meitantei de Doesu in the Summer issue of Dengenki Daioh

Set in the first half of the 20th century, it will focus on the efforts of a handsome ophthalmologist investigating a murder in Tokyo.

Given how much I love Hellsing, I’m already interested. But since the character in the art has that wonderful, deviously, sinister Alucard smirk and I know there is murder involved, then that pretty much sold me on wanting to read it.


9 thoughts on “Kouta Hirano makes me happy.

    • Neither is mine 🙂

      I’ve been putting off my appointment for about 5 months now. I probably should call and get them checked, but my prescription hasn’t changed in the last ten years, so its probably fine.

    • Looks like pretty much standard for Hirano to me. Besides that’s one of the things I like about his style, it fits the craziness of his characters.

  1. Oooh~ This reminds me of godchild. Wait, “handsome ophthalmologist”? Is that the person with the cane? Isn’t that a woman? So the doctor should be the person behind… but the person in front is clearly the main character, so… Guh.

    • I’m as puzzled as you are, but look forward to finding out.

      Hopefully since it just three parts, it won’t take years for Hirano to finish it either.

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  3. Choux,know what, I started playing ep 6 of Umineko today and I know what you were talking about earlier I don’t know whats what anymore either.

  4. Actually I am kind of cooled out about Kouta making another manga… What I am not cooled out about is the type of author he is… what I practically mean is he starts with a manga, then it takes him years, and years to finish it! He made Hellsing Dawn but then never finished it! So who is really to say he will finish this one? I am not trying to be a party pooper.. I am just a little frusterated he did not finish Hellsing Dawn. Other then that he is an awesome author, and am looking forward to his new work!

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