What is it supposed to be anyway?


Kei (box art)

Hatsune miku fanart seems to be split into 2 groups: those with blue hair and those with green hair. The last time I checked, there are 200 miku pictures tagged with “green hair” and 200 tagged with “blue hair” on danbooru. As far as I can tell, fanart in other places seem to be pretty evenly split too.

Even the official art/merchandise seems to be split in opinion. Kei’s renditions vary between shades, and the same goes for figurines.

4hands, art for monochro blue sky (video)

There’s even a small amount of alternate mikus in other colors, the most common being black.

So, which party are you?

Ebisu Senri

Okay, I admit it, this is just an excuse for me to post pictures.



How can I not? This is adorable!

Edit: Guh, I forgot, WordPress hates Gifs…


8 thoughts on “What is it supposed to be anyway?

      • It stopped…uh, combination of busyness, inactivity in PD actually updating (not my fault though ;_;), and people not seeming to care that much about the newsletter?
        I’m wondering if I should just feature some of the PD works on my blog as well as PD or just leave it as is.

  1. I like any Miku as long has she still have long hair twintails ,this beautiful long hair is really something else; maybe the most important criteria for me…
    uuuuh wait so you weren’t serious about this and you get me all fired up about it lol
    If you post cute picture like that you can do it anytime you know.And it makes me realize I never browsed anybooru for Miku pics in particular ever didn’t know there was a 200/200 ratio of blue/green hair.Most of the time I just stumble at pictures of her.

  2. I read somewhere that it’s both colors because since she is sort of an android her hair glows different colors? I’m not sure if I read right but that aside I like teal Miku best teal being my favorite color :3

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