I mean, yeah, it’s a pretty and very well animated slap in the face, but still…

One thing that bugged me was how they tried to replicate a lot of scenes and places from the original video. This is an anime, no matter how much effort they put into 1 frame, it’s never going to be as good as Huke’s original drawings. So why bother throwing in scenes that people have already seen at a lower quality without making it flow smoothly? I don’t get it.

I also have complaints about the story. Why have Black Gold Saw fight in the first scene without explanation, then not have the character show up for the rest of the OVA? I mean, it’s hinting at another OVA coming along but that’s a really bad excuse. Also, it was supposed to be Death Master who gave BRS the scars, not BGS. How are they going to write this in? A lot of stuff feels shallow/cheesy, and the 2 worlds doesn’t exactly flow smoothly together.

Where’s my downer ending? Where’s my tear jerker? Where’s the scene where Yomi dies? Where’s Hatsune Miku? WHERE’S THE NEXT OVA?

Tl;dr: Entertaining. I feel cheated. Can’t wait for the next OVA.

P.S.: Pixiv is holding a contest for Black Rock shooter. Factoring in the amount of love I have for BRS and the fact that I have to go somewhere on the weekend, I’m not sure if I want to enter… Sigh…

P.P.S.: English site here.

P.P.P.S.: I hope the Steins;Gate can look even better.


4 thoughts on “GRAHHHH! SLAP IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!

  1. They should have just stuck to one world, at least until they spend a little more time thinking of an excuse to have BOTH in the same OVA.

  2. Actually I really loved this “Black Rock Shooter” OVA, but I know nothing of the BRS lore so I watched it stand-alone, as a story with character son its own without knowing of/taking into account a pre-existing source it is based on.

    Considering that, this OVA is a terrific anime with great characters, involving storytelling and splendid animation.

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