Wait, that’s berserker?

Well well well, Fate/Extra certainly seems interesting, although I don’t think  like Arcuid’s master… I can’t see how they’re on the same wavelength at all.

It would have benn interesting to see who Shiki would be paired up with, but I don’t think she’s part of the servant system. Too bad.


9 thoughts on “Wait, that’s berserker?

  1. Thanks for reminding me, I am now going to find the game and plaaaaay. Power game this so I have time to play Diva2 orz. Apparently some Saber is Caesar Augustus lol.

  2. OMG! TYPE-MOON IS GENIUS, they used the servant system to bring Arcuid into this game?!?

    Ryouki Shiki is here too? talk about an all-star match. I would LOVE to see a battle between Archer (Shirou one) vs Araya Souren

  3. I kinda wanna play Tsukihime, but the old art made me hesitate. I do hope it is good though, planning to download it soon.

    • It’s good, but it didn’t click with me as much as it did some other people. Well, that, and it’s been so many years that I can’t remember most of the plot. For some reason I actually prefer Kagetsu Tohya lol

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