When I’m tired, I spam

Update 6: Done. I’m never doing this again. At least for a few months.

Update 5:

Note to self: CHECK THE INSTRUCTIONS. Because sometimes, the contest people ask for an A4 image, and you didn’t draw an A4 image, and then you feel like you’ve screwed yourself over.


Update 4:

Good night.

On a non-related note, the OST for concerto note is really good. Wait, how the hell did the background change?

Ah, THERE it is!

On a related note, this is the biggest image that I’ve worked on (not in terms of pixels, but in MBs. At one point it was 200 something, and I couldn’t figure out how 10 layers of stuff on an image that wasn’t incredibly huge could take up as much space as an episode of code geass. I still can’t figure it out).


Update 3:

Still missing a little somethin-somethin. Err… someone help me a bit in the next 20 hours or so?


Update2 :

It’s approximately 24 hours until the deadline, and I’m approximately half done on this picture (don’t mention the other entries, just don’t). Mostly because I procrastinated, a lot (curse you, the pools on danborru and cracked.com!). One of these days this habit is going to come and bite me in the ass. On the positive side, however, is that this is the first time I’ve tried to speed paint without doing outlines, and I’m having quite a bit of fun (well, not NOW, since I’ve been up for 15 hours and feeling q bit too sleepy. Yes, 15 hours is a lot for me, I’m a freak for sleep. Notice how weird this paragraph is? I do that when I’m tired).

It’s weird though. There are some characters that I just can’t seem to draw. That includes Hamaji (the trap from H2O and BRS herself). Out of the 20 or so times I’ve tried, this is the only time where I like the way her hair looks. Now,  I really need to fix her coat.



Hahaha, this looks like something out of a ghost story.


I’m getting a bad feeling about this… especially with the deadline (10pm this Sunday) and the ridiculous amount of good entries


9 thoughts on “When I’m tired, I spam

  1. Wait isn’t is actually good that you have competition at a ridiculous amount? At least if you don’t win, you got to encounter some ridiculous amount of good entries. If you win, then you defeat a pool that had a ridiculous amount of good entries, making the victory even sweeter perhaps.

    Good luck Choux!

  2. Very nice job indeed. I’m still on tracing mode. I’ll upload when I complete a non-traced image, but for now I’ll enjoy tracing.

    Speaking of BRS, wait, I won’t say anything. I am going to ask, what is an A4 image?

      • As soon as you mentioned that, I suddenly remembered seeing something like that on a copy machine. What threw me off is “image”, and how “converting” to A4 caused a loss of background. I suppose that’s from resizing rather than truncating (er I mean cropping).

      • Actually, it IS because of cropping problems. A4 has specific dimensions, and what I drew happened to be wider than that standard. Changing the resolution a bit doesn’t affect the image much,

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