Oh no…

I am getting suspiciously Eva-like vibes…Of course, I don’t mean “oh no, homoerotic overtones”, I mean “oh no, the white haired pretty boy is going to die”. No one who’s so connected to an art piece has ever had a really happy ending, especially since this is right after Argentine.

And this is SO misleading out of context. Oh, this is going to be fun while it lasts.


6 thoughts on “Oh no…

  1. I would say Oh no for the homoerotic overtones , or maybe OH GEASS NO , dunno if you know about this meme though lol.
    I never read this but don’t worry the white haired guy can’t die, he’s too bishonen for death.

    • Well, it might not be. This chapter is actually from all the way back in March, and there may or may not have been another update since then…

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