CLAMP is trying to kill everyone

This was a major punch in the gut.

All these tragic confessions…. Damn it, CLAMP, what happened to happy confessions? You USED to have them! At one point! I mean, we all know that a kiss is out of the question by now. But a happy acceptance? A hug? A reply without anyone dying? Please? Seriously, at this point I’ll be happy as long as no one dies during the confession. Really. Pretty please?


9 thoughts on “CLAMP is trying to kill everyone

  1. isn’t it easier to draw a scene like that versus a happy scene where you gotta spend a few panels to illustrate that.. i don’t know..

    lately i been having such thoughts. whereby certain scenes happen are probably due to ease of drawing and probably also page count constraints.

    Or maybe is just me. =/

  2. In this series wasn’t it far more likely for a tragic scene to happen as opposed to a happy one?

    Or maybe it’s because the characters already suffered a lot, so it somewhat warrants a happy resolution.

  3. lol your answer made my day Choux.
    By Tragedy you mean those things played back then in Greek theaters right?I dunno if there was porn already though.Or if we mean prostitutes then yeah certainly.Both are pretty old lol.

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