I can’t think of a title for this post

I mean, “Ouran chapter 81” is SO boring, but nothing else quite fits. Anyway, I have no idea whether I’m happy at the fact or not, but it seems like there’s still 1 last arc to go through before this is going to end. And the name of that arc is…drumroll please… “the date arc”! Yes, it took them 81 chapters, but the 2 of them are actually going to have a date, with just the two of them! Oh, who am I kidding, everyone knows that the rest of the club will be stalking them all day, right?

A lot of the chapter was spent on dealing with the aftermath of the previous events, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in the traditional Ouran style comedy. The sight of grandmother playing the triangle with a ghostly expression really cracked me up.

Above image: Tamaki asking Haruhi whether or not she liked the kiss ~(≧▽≦)~

And the SQUEE… oh god, the SQUEE… Haruhi was acting completely calm at the beginning, with Tamaki freaking out about the fact that she confessed (which was a giant SQUEEEEEEEEEEE moment to begin with). But THEN, Tamaki stopped being an idiot for 2 scenes, to Haruhi furiously blushing and countless fangirls squealing like there’s no tomorrow (and YES, that includes me~~).

Waiting for the next chapter is going to be IMPOSSIBLE!

Ah, devilish Tamaki, where have you been all this time?


2 thoughts on “I can’t think of a title for this post

  1. I agree, waiting for the next chapter will cause me pain! I was sooo stoked that Tamaki got serious on her – and the bit at the end when he found her weakness *faints*


    Ahem, well, I was very happy with this development. And there is totally no doubt that the group will stalk them on their date.

    Well, that is unless Kyouya thinks it’s a bad idea, or Hikaru cannot stand being there.

    Who knows…

    There are only two more chapters, right? I’m so sad. A void is opening up every time I think that the series is ending.


    Oh well, it’s been a good run. ^^

  2. I know total squee chapter I was just going kya!! at every page lol! Its this an code geass that have followed us our highschool life ahhh….

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