Catching up on exteremely long shounen series 1: Bleach

For the past year or so, I haven’t been keeping up with manga as much as I used to. This especially holds true for the extremely long shounen series, because each chapter is too short to make sense of things.  Reading it in 1 month chunks is bad too, because I can’t remember the plot.

So, now that summer has begun, and I’ve gotten summer school out of the way, I’ve decided to catch up on some manga (and at the same time spam this blog with manga posts lol). And, since it’s been so long since I last read them, I’ve decided to read Airgear, D.gray man, Negima, and Bleach from the very beginning again.

Bleach: 54 chapters behind

To sum up what has happening in the last 2 hundred chapters or so only takes 3 words: Longest. Day. Ever. Really, how on earth did the plot go from everyone rescuing Orihime to everyone getting owned by Aizen in less than 24 hours, I have no idea. And Aizen… What is he? Jesus on crack or something? Wait, don’t answer that.

Anyway, there are 2 things that I really liked from the recent chapters. Number 1 is, well, look up. Tensa Zangetsu is 200 types of hot and adorable wrapped up in a deadly little package.

And of course, I have to admit that hollow Ichigo is probably my favorite character in that universe (incidentally, the second is Yachiru), so of course, the 2 of them combined together has to be awesome. And they definitely are.  Looking at him though, it almost feels like he was the love child of Ulquiorra and Byakuya (with Urahara’s genes getting mixed in there somehow). Anyway, do you hear that? Yes, it is the sound of countless fangirls squealing. Kyaaaa~ Kyaaaa~


The second thing I really liked is how the people from the “normal world” gets to show up again. I’ve really MISSED these characters. Especially Mizuiro. I’ve always thought that he was hilarious when paired up with Keigo, but his calmness when facing Aizen just bumped him 20 levels higher in terms of awesomeness. Especially that one line after he is told that stun guns won’t work on Aizen, “No way, what a cheater. Guess he’s not human. Okay then”. Just from that, it feels like there’s a LOT of potential for development. Of course, I’ve also missed Keigo overreacting and Tatsuki punching him down, even if considering the situation, he’s not really overreacting at all.

There’s something I’ve noticed though,and it’s been kind of bugging me. There’s a trend of girl in trouble and guys rescuing. That doesn’t bug me by itself, but for some reason, the girls always look tiny when they are being rescued.

I mean, look at that, judging from those proportions, Rukia barely reaches Ichigo’s chest if she were to stand up, which  just weirded me out. There’s also the the fact that the artist doesn’t like to draw backgrounds (or at least pretty/detailed backgrounds) and that the title pages usually has very little to do with the chapter itself.

But you know what I think would be awesome? If someone actually rewrote Bleach so that all the colored titles, in order, would have something to do with the story. That would be an absolutely entertaining trainwreck in my mind.

Anyway, I kind of get the feeling that I tried to catch up on this series too early, I mean, you get the feeling that it’s about to end, and marathon reading the entire series would feel much more satisifying. But now, I’ll have to make do with what’s out and PRAY that Tensa Zangetsu shows up again in the next chapter. Well, that, and find everything about Sode no Shirayuki that I can get my claws on. Why isn’t she this awesome in the story itself?

Oh, and I also have to cry over Ulquiorra. That was the saddest pretty boy death in shounen manga that I can remember. I’m worried that the same will happen to Gin. After everything that has happened, if Aizen kills him now I swear I’ll never spend a dime on anything that Tite Kubo touches ever again.


8 thoughts on “Catching up on exteremely long shounen series 1: Bleach

  1. Hehehe I totally gave up on Bleach since maybe 2 years I can’t believe they’re still fighting Aizen, my bro still reads it though so I always have a gist of what’s happening and I’ll know if they manage to kill Aizen someday.I’m more into Rosario to Vampire nowadays.

  2. I’ve been following Bleach as its being released in the U.S so I’m super behind.

    But Maggeh caught me up. Aizen, Aizen and more Aizen.

    Perhaps that is why I have no problem just catching as its released over here rather than keeping myself updated on it like I do with Naruto.

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