Kitto, sumiwataru asairo yori mo review

Err… I started writing this a month ago, so this is really long overdue…


There can be no premise. The only thing that I can say without giving SEVERE spoilers is that the main character reunites with his childhood friends when he transfer into an art school, but that does not do the story justice. There is romance, there is drama, there’s comedy, there’s mystery, there are many crowning moments of awesome, and much, much more. But in the end, it’s just a simple story about people and their bonds, that is all.


Suu Sasamaru is the protagonist. And in some ways he’s the most stereotypical protagonist you will ever see.

1) Girls like him and he doesn’t know it.

2) He doesn’t realize his own self worth.

3) He is extremely polite and nice to everyone.

In other words, he’s a dense idiot of the highest order (despite being book smart and a living encyclopedia). However, I have to say that he’s quite a likable character, and he can be pretty bad ass when he wants to. There are also cases where he talked an enemy into submission, which reminded me of a mix between Naruto and Cross channel, oddly enough.

Kumigami Hiyo is childhood friend #1 who always calls Sasamaru “danna-sama”. She’s from a famous medical family, which is why she wears that outfit of hers (one character noted that it was a nurse/lolita/maid outfit). She acts like a perfect wife, and the amount of cooperation that she gives to Sasamaru and how much she attends to him is absolutely amazing. No, unfortunately, he does not realize that she loves him (sigh…)

My favorite part about her is when she goes into S mode (it’s absolutely hilarious).

Yumeno Araragi is childhood friend#2, and also the genki loli character. She messes around a lot, and her goal is to become an old man, but she can be very insightful into events and really cares for others. Sasamaru always describe her as “the sun”, and I have to say that I agree with that comment.

Her cooking is extremely scary though, and I mean EXTREMELY.

Kashi Harutsuge is childhood friend #3, and the person whom Sasamaru considers to be the leader of the group and aneki to everyone.

She’s rumored to be the strongest fighter in the entire school, and is usually there to put down delinquents. Another thing to note is that she’s completely M for Hiyo, so she’s poke fun and tease her to get her death glare…

Waka is the representative for the student council, and is generally a mysterious character through most of the story. She harbors a strong hate for Sasamaru and insults him whenever she can. On the other hand, she’s completely dere for Hiyo (“Onee-sama!”), Araragi (“Otou-sama!”), and milk tea (“Milk tea!”).

Her dere is extremely powerful, and she’s my favorite character. (Hmm…I feel a hankering for milk tea now…)

There are some other students who show up, but they only have minor roles.


The story is split into 4 chapters. The first chapter is an introduction, and when it ends, chapter 2 is unlocked and can be accessed from the title screen. The second chapter starts at the time of around 1/3 into the first chapter, but different events occur. This is considered to be the main part of the plot. The third chapter pretty much explains what was really going on and the truth of the world, while the last chapter is little more than an epilogue.

The beginning of the first and second chapters is mostly comedy, but soon after it delves into the drama and mystery (well, it takes a bit longer in chapter 1).

From the beginning, it’s clear that there’s good points and bad points about the story. It’s mysterious, but a lot of the explanations didn’t make sense (especially when they started on the time continuum and whatnot). It’s romantic, but it wasn’t THAT romantic and felt kind of tacked on/rushed. It’s funny, but sometimes the transition from serious to funny felt jarring. The different chapters felt disjointed, particularly between the second half of the second chapter with everything else. All the characters are likable, and each gets their own crowning moment of awesome, but I can’t help but think that some of the characters deserved much more emphasis than they were given.

Overall though, I have to say that the story is very good.


The art is nice. And I mean REALLY nice. At first, it feels kind of simple and generic, but the more you look at it, the more you appreciate the subtle efforts that went into the art. The colors fit perfectly, the lighting is gently placed, and the backgrounds are absolutely beautiful. There’s also an incredible amount of stuff, from full CGs to partial CGs (such as the one I used for the story segment), to hilariously animated SDCGs. 2 characters have 5 poses, and that’s not even counting the arm and head variations!

Unfortunately, some of the CG backgrounds are a bit lacking, and you can definitely feel that more effort was put into some CGs than others. But hey, nobody’s perfect.


Higuchi Hideki is one of the greatest composers to ever make music for eroge and absolutely made of win. Since Moshiraba, he has cleared up some of his problems and made his compositions more consistent. Some of the tension pieces aren’t masterpieces yet, but the rest of the soundtrack is more than enough to make up for it. Waka’s theme is the greatest piece of music I’ve ever heard coming out of an eroge. Period.


Fantastic. This isn’t a flashy game, but like everything else that was great, the little subtle touches really did the trick. Everything that would have been better if animated was animated (the flash scenes involving paper was especially nice in my mind), and various effects was used very efficiently. Whenever Waka goes into deredere mode and her hat flies up… Ahh… it’s definitely enough to cause death by moe. The title screen also changes at the end of every chapter, making it 5 in all.

There is also a fandisc which gives out various goodies like karaoke, NSFW system voices, wallpapers, and extra scenario.



Music: 10/10

Programming: 10/10

Total: 87/100 A

In the end, this was a story about people. Like people, it is beautiful. Like people, it is flawed. But, Kitto, sumiwataru asairo yori mo is definitely a good, high quality eroge that I would recommend.


10 thoughts on “Kitto, sumiwataru asairo yori mo review

  1. Waka is moee~
    I’d like to know more about the story, but if it’s impossible without giving massive spoilers, ehh.

    Unrelated, but Taobao has Bill Clinton condoms and a LOT of fake anime products. Does the Reborn! Pixiv artbook I found actually exist?

    • I don’t know if it’s OFFICIAL, but it should exist. I have to warn you against those things though, Chinese “fan collections” aren’t usually of a great quality, or even an acceptable quality. When it comes to books, only trust things that contain at least some Chinese original content. At least, that’s my view on things.

  2. Propeller seems to run this formula correctly. Bonds? Good. Art? Good. Alright, there isn’t anything particularly wrong with the game and becomes a matter of preference and momentum which is based on the reader.

    I better up my Chinese and give this one a try. For now I’m going to actually tackle Haruuru which I haven’t touched since I bought it last December.

  3. Ah 鈍感王, it’s sometimes annoying lol. The script writer liked to play with words and that was tough to keep up with as well.

    Next I recommend Soukou Akki Muramasa (装甲悪鬼村正), a dark epic from Nitro+.

  4. This really looks interesting I would love to read it too.
    I second the recommendation that Rooked did, you have to read Muramasa,I don’t know if there is a english/chinese patch though, I only know about it and the story because I’m a mecha fan lol.

  5. I’m pretty interested in giving this title a try sometime down the road. Just curious though, is this a game that has multiple routes or is it linear? Does it have something of a true end with a main heroine or is it that you have “H-relations” with all the characters in one go like a certain game written by Romeo and released by Flying Shrine? (had to describe that in a roundabout way to avoid spoiling it for others). Just wondering… as I’m not the type to enjoy polygamic/playboy types.

    Oh, and thanks for the time you take to write these reviews 🙂

    • It’s linear. Well, this is a bit of a spoiler, but the main character kind of go through various universes/timelines, and explore some possibilities. You definitely don’t have h-scenes with all of the girls though.

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