No save function?

I am shocked. I haven’t seen a game without a save function in… no, I can’t remember any without a save function right now.

Anyway, Circus’s female oriented games aren’t that popular, are they? Or maybe they’re published under a different brand or something. I can’t even find the romanji official site for 夏色纸ヒコーキ, let along any reviews. How odd. And it’s not voiced either… Is this really by circus?


12 thoughts on “No save function?

  1. I think there were some *really* short visual novels that did not have save functions. (Or maybe it was another function that was missing.)

    I can read half of that Japanese text, but I’m certain I wouldn’t be able to find it. I thought Final Examination Kujira was obscure as it is, but it’s definitely there. But then an Otome game by Circus, I wasn’t aware this one you just pointed out ever existed.

    Because of Circus’ variety (like Circus Northern and the … non-Northern components with names I can’t remember off the top of my head), it’s entirely possible it is.

  2. Osu, reporting in from the end of AE, off topic but I don’t know how else to contact you.

    The AE mascot contest had 76 entries this year haha. Sadly neither you or I won. Some random out of place one won, which makes me thing it was ballot stuffing or he/she just had a lot of friends. A couple of my friends liked your chibi and I know they voted for that, but over yours and mine and the ones I liked, neither of those won.

    I’ll link you when they get the flickr album up.

    • Holy crap that’s a lot more than last year. Is your goal achieved? lol
      At least there’s still the chance of the judge’s choice, I guess. I wish I can at least see the entries soon though, but it’ll have to be after the judges choice, which has to be after they elect the executives for next year. Do you remember how long it took last time?

      • The pictures usually filter in 1-2 weeks after. And judges choice seems to be around a week. I’ll let you know when they’re up.

        My goal is certainly achieved, there was this amazing one with perfect hands and a great checkered pattern, but he/she lost.

  3. Wow, either this must be extremely old or it’s some kind of bootleg game lol. AFAIK, Circus didn’t release any otome games until they recently created their Sanctuary brand (with Da Capo Girls Symphony being the only game they’ve done so far).

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