Same person? Twin? Clone?

A while ago, I came to know (and like) an artist named Goto Nao. Nice artist, you know. Cute style, pretty good with backgrounds, but somewhat obscure.

So, when I saw the art for Koiiro soramoyou, I immediately went “Hurray! More stuff!” Until I realized that the art for the game was credited to someone named Lucie. Cue surprise and confusion.

At this point, I feel no shock to see similar artists. It’s just too much trying to tell

Kokonobi from

Naru Nano;

and Misaki Kurehito from

Kuroya Shinobu. And then, the plethora of copycats… but I should stop.

The thing is that images such as these, posted on Lucie’s pixiv account, is eerily similar to something from one of Goto Nao’s books.

But if you look really closely, there are definitely differences. I can’t figure out if these differences are because they are drawn by different people or because they were drawn at different times (and because of the influence of the studio ryokucha CG team).

Nao goto


If they’re different people, I have to wonder how they became so similar.

If they are, in fact, one and the same, I have to wonder why different names are used. It’s not like Goto Nao just decided to take up a pseudonym, as the old Galaxy’s Child site is still maintained (kind of). Unless is was a name change and a head dive into 18+ material, in which case this is just a bunch of random, useless blabbering.

Hmm… I wonder…


2 thoughts on “Same person? Twin? Clone?

  1. You got me stumped on that one. I would be inclined to think that Goto Nao is the artist’s perhaps actual name while Lucie would be a screen/pen name of some sorts. Normally I would think they are different people, but GalaxyChild’s opening image looks like Hattori Aya. That, and the picture structure. (And your 18+ venture point, but then the pixiv came before the koiiro soramoyou).

    Then there’s the dates as you noticed, where the site was open since 2000, while Lucie well, doesn’t feel like that name was around long (never heard of it prior to koiiro soramoyou). Don’t know how long the pixiv was around, but certainly nowhere near as long as the blog. For that same reason, since pixiv didn’t exist in 2000 (or maybe it did), it’s possible to be the same person.

    For now I’ll just think no it’s not if I had to vote what I thought.

    I’m randomly wondering if my mention of Lucie lead you to making this point. xD Good to learn of a Nao Goto and GalaxyChild.

    • Yup, this was all your fault~ But you REALLY have to say that Lucie draws lolis and only lolis, right? If you compare that Koiiro soramoyou image at the top to stuff from an average artist, it is DEFINITELY younger looking, and that’s about as old as Lucie has ever drawn a character.

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