Hoshizora no memoria first impression

Like so many other eroges/romance stories/whatnot, we have a protagonist who moves back to the town he grew up in to live with his aunt. Of course, he has a childhood friend in that town, and one of the first thing that he does is to try and look for her. Kinda.

I can’t say that the prologue left a good first impression. Mainly because of the pink haired girl above. Chinami is energetic, she doesn’t listen to people, she breaks and ruins everything she runs into, she talks and talks and talks, and there is some quality to her voice that annoys me to no end. I mean, in terms of personality, she’s really similiar to Akane from Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o, but Akane was actually my favorite character because of her energy. Maybe it’s because these types of characters only work well as side/support characters? Anyway, there was a ridiculous amount of focus on her (there was 6 SDCGs in the prologue alone), and I’m very thankful that the attention shifts away from her, after which it was considerably more interesting/entertaining.

The system’s not bad, but they have a zoom function and blur function. That, coupled with some sub-par backgrounds, feels like their way of saying “Err, we ran out of money for nice backgrounds, but here, we can blur it so you don’t have to look at them!” The colors aren’t the best either. Well, mostly Chinami and the aunt. Whoever was in charge of the coloring just can’t deal with green, and the character art really clashes with the backgrounds.

Anyway, this game also triggered a pet peeve of mine: I love maid outfits, but not the ones with a brooch at the center of the ribbon. Well, I’m against the idea of a round jewel brooch anywhere, but I especially dislike it on a maid outfit. It also has some really annoying system sounds, which I turned off (why can’t I to turn off individual character voices?)

Well, I say that, but right now the game is actually quite entertaining. Aoi is awesome, and the protagonist is amusing in how he was extremely popular with girls since he was small. In fact, when he left, the tsundere iinchou and the library rep with glassses both confessed to him. That was offscreen, but it still made for a very amusing situation (of course, Chinami just HAD to barge in and ruin things, sigh…).


One thought on “Hoshizora no memoria first impression

  1. Interesting point on the green. The background does seem to clash with the images on the second image you referenced.

    Well, I heard good things on this game, so I hope it turns out to be a good one for you.

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