A reversal of events

Everyone has seen harem series, but Otomari honey takes a refreshing twist by having the protagonist be a girl. What’s more, she’s in love with a guy (Matsuda) who’s the embodiment of of a harem lead, and there’s already 3 girls living with him. I started reading this thinking that it would be amusing because it’s so different, but this manga really impressed me with how entertaining it is.

First thing it did right: there really isn’t much of a harem. It’s kind of like an eroge in that regard, as the girls are there, but the focus on iinchou is always apparent. This way, there’s no cat fights and considerably less angst, making things much easier.

There are still these kinds of moments, but it’s done for comedy only. All the other girls sincerely care for him, obviously, but none of them have shown any real romantic feelings for him and openly ship our 2 main characters.

Note the sparkly person on the bottom left corner. That is Yanagawa, the best friend of Matsuda. He is a complete idiot, can’t read the situation at all, and is openly perverted. Obviously, this has led to him destroying many (almost) intimate moments between the main characters and causing iinchou much distress (and giving out many misunderstandings).

A special trait separates him from most comedic relief best friends though:

He actually has a girlfriend, and their interactions are hilarious.

There is a generous use of SD art spread within the story, and I happen to really like the style. It also really compliments the story, as a lot of characters has the tendency to overreact to things, particularly our heroine~

Now, out heroine is the Iinchou of the class. And, like many others, she is hard working, serious(ly in love), a tad clumsy, and overreact when it comes to ecchi things. Obviously, everyone besides Matsuda knows that she likes him, but the 2 of them misunderstands every situation that they end up in. I find it a bit off, though, because she tries to seduce him early on to no effect (despite every other character being unable to ignore her figure for various reasons), but her thoughts about romance and love are surprisingly pure and innocent. This is a bit weird, because she would try to seduce him (and failing, of course), and then later overreact at any thought of anything ecchi happening between them.

Our other protagonist Matsuda, as I have mentioned, is the embodiment of of a harem lead. He’s too kind for his own good but overall a very average person. Thankfully, unlike too many harem/eroge leads, he isn’t indecisive. He realizes early on that he loves the girl, but unfortunately, that’s where the other harem lead trait (obliviousness) kicks in. How can he possibly not see the fact that iinchou loves him? I have no idea.

But all these feelings are actually absolutely adorable, causing me to squeal and making my cat stare at me oddly. For some reason, I’m not frustrated at all by how the lovebirds (?) aren’t getting feelings across, and I can’t express how thankful I am of that.

I mean, just look at them. It’s sweet though to rot teeth.

There’s a interesting dynamic between the 2 main characters though. At first, it’s iinchou’s attack, but her attempts to seduce him completely fail. Later, Matsuda begins to fall for her, and has huge reactions even when she doesn’t try to seduce him.

They’re exactly the same in terms of being clueless though… Even though this makes them a good match, I can’t help but sigh…

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